Sexy Photo Shoot With Miss Jackson And Victor Ortiz: Was Floyd The Target?

Of all the women out there, it is Miss Jackson who ended up in an advertisement photo shoot with Victor Ortiz. Call me pessimistic, but someone out there was exercising revenge on Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Let’s try to rationalize here: someone out there is shooting an ad, and they decide that it is Victor Ortiz who fits their star profile for this particular event. Of course there have to be women involved. Of the available models, one turned out to be Miss Jackson. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Was this photo-shoot organized by Ortiz? Or maybe they are promoting a product that Ortiz is now selling?

Any way you look at it, there is no other approach to this but to believe that Mayweather Jr. was the target.

This is great and all, but they have misjudged Floyd’s character: it is very unlikely that he will give this much thought. One thing Floyd knows better than anyone else in the business, is how to absorb the negative media attention, and he does it so well, that badmouthing him has become boring and a waste of time for most media outlets. The only thing this could cause, it more criticism on Ortiz and his new co-star Miss Jackson.