Shane Mosley Eyeing Paulie Malignaggi For A Comeback Fight
December 3, 2012 Boxing History

According to, there is a slight chance that Shane Mosley might be considering coming back to boxing.

“Shane knows he still has enough in the tank to beat a champion like Paulie, so that’s who he’s gunning for,” stated a close source.

I don’t know about you, but have you ever heard of something and acknowledged that is was a bad idea, yet it was not impossible and in a way even curiosity-arousing?

For me, this is that feeling. I know that Mosley is not only over-the-hill, but mentally might be too fragile to properly prepare for a fight. Physically he might be better than most believe he is, but does he have the proper drive to push his body to its limits? I doubt it.

Malignaggi might not be the best and most impressive fighter, but risking a loss against him is a pretty bad idea for Mosley. If it’s a matter or earning anther paycheck, then I am also a bit lost, as I haven’t heard anything negative about Shane’s financial situation. So why is Mosley persuading himself to come back?

Is it the crowd effect? Maybe Shane is not content with the closing of his career? Or is he simply trying to cash yet another check?

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