“Shocking, Mike Tyson Now a Female” Was A False Rumor. DUH

Apparently there was a recent rumor published at SpyGhana.com saying that Mike Tyson had recently undergone a sex change surgery, and the funny thing is that there were actually people who bought it.

An article dubbed “Shocking, Mike Tyson Now a Female” was published on the website, but it was quickly removed when the online newspaper realized that it had been written by 247 Naija Gossip, and has already apologized for their mistake. Click HERE for the explanation.

Time is of essence, thus Mike Tyson had made a statement regarding this absurd issue:

“I am still a man and I have always been fully in touch with my masculinity and have no intention of becoming a woman. The claims are not only untrue but unbelievably stupid. I was at the Pacquiao-Marquez fight on Saturday and any reasonable person could tell I was looking like a man,” stated Tyson.

The original false report had Tyson saying the following:

“Some people might think it strange that I’m now a woman. But even at the height of my career, when pound for pound I was regarded as the best fighter in the world, I never lost touch with my feminine side and knew that one day I would grow breasts and have a vagina.”

This is of course not only ridiculous but is hilarious as well. Can you imagine the look on Tyson’s face when he had heard or read this rumor?

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