Should Andre Ward Travel Overseas To Fight Carl Froch?

If anyone believes that this is a complicated question, they must be entangled in the web of lies, conspiracies, and the business part of boxing.

The answer is a very simple, solid, yes!

There is absolutely no doubt that Andre Ward is a sensational boxer, with absolutely stunning technical skills. Maybe he doesn’t always provide an explosive fight, but he gets the results that many envy him for.

With all those great attributes, he is missing one very important piece of the boxing puzzle: championship level competition. Sure there are numerous dream fights, those that the boxing fans discuss and hypothesize on a daily basis, but there aren’t that many realistic fights to be made.

There is absolutely no room for argument, at least in my opinion, that Carl Froch is the best fight out there for Andre Ward right now, and vice versa. There would be no pay cut for Ward if he fought in the U.K., as a matter of fact I am pretty sure he would come out with a healthier payday fighting there rather than in his hometown of Oakland,CA.

I understand why Ward would want to train and fight in his hometown, but right now, without a good fight in sight; I think it would be wise to take the Froch challenge in his backyard. Unless of course another good challenger comes along, but who would that be?

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