So Why Did Top Rank Really Decide On Bradley

Last night I decided to re-watch a couple of Bradley vs. Pacquiao bout moments, and afterwards, I decided that this was where team Pacquiao as well as Top Rank promotions had failed.

There was absolutely nothing in this fight to Pacquiao’s benefit. Besides beating a clearly overmatched opponent with a zero-loss record, Manny wasted his time. Of course it is hard to call it a waste, since he got a hefty paycheck for facing Bradley, still there was too much missing in that event.

Bob Arum is a very smart and tricky man, as he always takes his time to pick the more financially profitable fight, as well as coax Pacquiao into thinking that it is the best option on the table. Arum does everything in his power to organize fights that Pacquiao is supposed win, thus looking for the biggest benefit / lowest risk combination. Unfortunately, in many cases, this makes perfect sense.

But many cases, even most, are nothing like Manny Pacquiao. His career is slowly coming to a close, thus timing is of essence. A few more blockbuster fights would skyrocket the Filipino superstar even higher, and the fact that he is still likely capable of performing for those kinds of bouts makes the Bradley fight an even more of a waste of time.

Either Arum was asking for too much from the other potential opponents, or he found some hardly noticeable loophole landing him an even higher profit. Bradley being a pat of Top Rank is obvious, but there has got to be something else, otherwise why would Arum murder time in such a brutal fashion for Pacquiao? Juan Manuel Marquez, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Miguel Cotto, and a few other names would have been an obviously better choice, but they would of course require Arum to make less money.