Hamilton’s Hit Em Up: Mike Tyson’s Right Hand Man Mr. Steve Lott

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton

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Matt Hamilton caught up with former assistant manager to Jimmy Jacobs & Bill Clayton during the fabled prime of Iron Mike Tyson, Mr. Steve Lott. Steve is currently involved with the Las Vegas Boxing Hall of Fame & spent 30 years as an executive producer with the ESPN Fight Film & Tape Library in New York City.

Steve was camp coordinator for legends of the ring Edwin Rosario and Wilfred Benitez. He managed their training schedules, media, medicals, sparring, travel, and public appearances. His role grew with other boxing stars including Mike Tyson, Tommy Morrison, Jeremy Williams, Michael Grant, and Vinny Pazienza.

Matt Hamilton: You’re perhaps best remembered by boxing fan’s as Mike Tyson’s personal assistant (?) – are you still friends/friendly with Mike? What do you make of his move into film & stand up comedy?

Steve Lott: “I speak to Mike from time to time here in Las Vegas. My role was assistant manager to Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs. They stayed in NY handling the business while Mike, Keven and I were at the fight site for the 5 or 6 weeks. I was repsonsible for everything – from the moment Mike Left NY to go to Vegas ( or AC by car ) to the moment he got on the plane back home. Travel, hotel, sparring (travel, rooms etc, ) press, interviews, licensing, medicals, everything. Jim and Bill expected one thing from me and only one thing – make sure Mike is 100% when the bell rings for round 1. Fortunately – with the schooling from Cus, Jim and Bill, I did OK. His show is great – he’s going on a three month tour around the US.”

Matt Hamilton: “You’ve been around boxing for a long time – I understand you were ringside for the Thrilla in Manila. What memories do you have of that historic fight? Do you agree with me ranking it the greatest fight of them all?”

Steve Lott: “The fight took place at 10AM – prelims were at 7AM – I did not understand the enormity of the fight until years later. Every time I see the fight on video I can see myself and my girlfriend right there. Unforgettable.
It’s right up there with the greatest fights of all time. Perhaps right there with Ali – Frazier 1st. My pick for most dramatic fight of all time is Louis – Schmeling 2nd – It’s also considered the most dramatic sporting event in history. If I could have been at any fight in history – that’s it.”

Matt Hamilton:  “I agree re: historical enormity – the use of boxing as a metaphor for life/war/clash of civilizations. Steve many thanks for your time!”

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