Stiverne vs. Wilder: A Heavyweight Championship For Our Times

Just more than 40 years removed from the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ with Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, the heavyweights — WBC world champion Bermane Stiverne and Deontay Wilder — will ‘Return to Glory.’ The little guys in boxing are great but it’s the heavyweights that have always excited fans the most. Bermane, he’s a knockout artist just like Mike Tyson. Wilder, he talks trash but is a good fighter, too. This is a must-see fight.Don King

I’m expecting a short night because we have bad blood, I really want to hurt this guy, and I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I want to show him this is no joke, this is real. This is business. This is the hurt game and my power is real. I told him that I’ll whoop his ass and I’m going to keep my promise. America is yearning for a heavyweight world champion. We haven’t had a real one since the days of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Everyone just sits back and remembers the glory days. America has been waiting for their champion and I’ve arrived.Deontay Wilder

By the Numbers

Boxrec Ranking at Heavyweight

Bermane Stiverne #4

Deontay Wilder #10


Bermane Stiverne 36

Deontay Wilder 29


Bermane Stiverne 6′ 2″

Deontay Wilder 6′ 6½″


Bermane Stiverne 80″

Deontay Wilder 83″

Professional Debut

Bermane Stiverne 2005-07-29

Deontay Wilder 2008-11-15

Amateur Pedigree

Bermane Stiverne 49-10. Holds wins over Robert HeleniusDavid Price

Deontay Wilder Lost to Krzysztof ZimnochClemente Russo. Beat Rakhim Chakhiyev; Isiah Thomas; Quantis Graves

Started Boxing

Bermane Stiverne 1999

Deontay Wilder October 2005

Notable Pro Wins

Bermane Stiverne Chris Arreola (twice); Ray Austin

Deontay Wilder Audley Harrison; Malik Scott

Rounds in 2014 of Rounds in Career

Bermane Stiverne 6 of 85

Deontay Wilder 5 of 58

Early Odds Check

Bermane Stiverne 11/8

Deontay Wilder  4/7