Sugar Shane Mosley vs Cano Rd by Rd Updates

update: after 12 Mosley wins all 3 judges have it 115 – 113 mosley

Mosley vs Cano both fighters in ring.

Shane and his dad in ring gets cheers from fans.

Rd 1 both fighters going at it. mosley looks light on his feet. cano trying to use left. as mosley moves you hear his dad jack yelling
“there you go.” cano trying to land so does mosley.

Rd 2 cano lands a few big shots fans getting excited. mosley lands a left.

Rd 3 mosley moving in cano moving back. mosley with good head movement. cano lands a shot. cano lands a body shot they upper cut.

Rd 4 mosley moving in cano moving back. good rd for shane. cano is bleeding.

rd 5 shane lands a good shot. shane lands a jab. mosley with another jab.

rd 6 mosley moving forwards. cano and mposley exchange. cano maybe hurt. 30 seconds left in rd. cano now lands two shots. fans yelling cano.

rd 7 mosley lands a big shot. cano still standing. cano then lands a few shots.

rd 8 mosley with a big shot. mosley looking like he’s having fun in there.

rd 9 cano starting strong in this rd. mosely answers. mosley maybe hurt but he comes right back. close rd.

rd 10 shane moves forwards cano moving back. cano grabbing shane. shane lands more shots. shane moving forwards cano still holding. fans yelling cano. mosley in control.

rd 11 mosley moving forwards lands shot. tape coming of cano gloves. mosley drops mouth peice. 42 seconds left in rd.

rd 12 both fighetrs letting hands go. big shot by shane. mosley lands more shots. cano lands shot. fight ends.