Is Adrien Broner vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Feasible?

Recently there have been not only rumors but actual boxing videos where Adrien Broner claims that he would like to fight Juan Manuel Marquez sometime soon. Many boxing fans even declare that Broner would have an easy night with Marquez, some suggesting a possible knockout.

First of all let me say that I am not even sure how authentic those rumors actually are, and whether Broner himself is honest about wanting to face Marquez.

Juan Manuel is slated to face Bradley, which is now happening in October rather than September due to Mayweather’s announcement that he will be facing Saul Alvarez in September at the MGM Grand.

There is always a landslide of opinions when it comes to fighters and their capabilities, but I think that most would agree on this one: Juan Manuel Marquez should be easily favored over absolutely any and all opponents excluding Mayweather Jr.

When it comes to Adrien Broner, a young hungry champion, who is putting on tremendous performances and creating a very promising future for himself as well as his fans, facing Marquez at this point in time would be a career suicide.

Marquez is simply too experienced and has too high of a ring I.Q. for Broner to hope a victory against. This may read like trash talking, but it is the farthest thing from that. While I would expect Marquez to not simply come out a winner but decisively dominate Broner in every single round, I still believe that Broner is a fighter who is here to stay.

Adrien’s competition has been good, but not yet great. After knocking out Pacquiao, Marquez is on the biggest hype, the climax of his entire career, and he is more dangerous than he ever was, and Bradley will get to experience that first hand in October.

There are many options for Broner, but looking past Malignaggi is not a very smart thing to do. Paulie is anything but a cake-walk, and despite his inability to throw knockout punches, his quickness makes up for it. Facing Paulie is an ideal choice for Adrien, but jumping from Malignaggi to Marquez would be a terrible decision.

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Is Adrien Broner’s Arrest the Beginning Of Something More Destructive?

Adrien Broner got arrested? For a physical altercation? Are you surprised?

Truthfully, I am a little bit surprised that it happened so soon, but not that it actually took place. When superstars, whether movie or sports stars create and develop their “character,” most of them start believing that they are in actuality that person, and are allowed to do whatever they believe they are.

It happened to many boxers in history, but in the end the results were all the same: trouble with the law.

Broner is a very promising fighter, and is a cocky one as well. Thus, as his stardom is gaining more ground, he is becoming mouthier, and in turn feels entitled to do and say things that he chooses to say, even if out of place.

This arrest, if is escalated and true, may lead to not only jail time for the young champion, but could potentially ruin his entire career. Being out of the spotlight and away from the rowdy fans will certainly take his confidence down a notch, and we all know what that spells for a fighter.

This is a very bad way to start his career, with a lot more waiting for him if he keeps on winning in such a dominant fashion as he has been. Hopefully this arrest will not force Broner in front of a judge for a criminal offense, and Broner learns that since he is in the spotlight, every bad decision will come to light.

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Is Broner Ready For Bradley? Should He Respect Bradley?

While there is little doubt that Adrien Broner is a very talented fighter with a bright future in the sport of boxing, many boxing fans are not yet sold on the cocky smooth talking champion.

In this video, Broner shows some respect towards various fighter, mostly himself of course, but he repeatedly says “who, who, who,” when Timothy Bradley gets mentioned.

Borner’s next supposed opponent Paulie Malignaggi, is a young champion looking to elevate his own career by beating Broner, and I think that Paulie will be a very interesting  challenge for Broner.

Because Paulie is a weak puncher while Broner is a knockout artist, I assume that team Malignaggi will use their speed to accumulate points, while staying away from Broner. Paulie is much quicker than Broner, and I believe that he can win this fight on points.

Of course most people see Broner dominating in this match-up, and aside from my own opinion, this is a very likely outcome. So who will Broner aim for after?

Hopefully, Broner’s mouth will earn him a fight against Timothy Bradley, who will on Saturday be facing Ruslan Provodnikov (22-1-0) at the Home Depot Center in California.

If Bradley wins, the fight against Broner must be pursued. Since Broner has previously mentioned that he wants a fight against Pacquiao, it would only make sense for him to prove that he can hang in there with the bigger and more experienced fighters, like Bradley.

Broner is already a big name in boxing, and can already generate enough hype to sell the fights. And Bradley, despite suffering from the lack of respect for beating Pacquiao, is still a big name with a solid record.

I would love to see them fight, and would most certainly expect Bradley to dominate the fight and come out with a clear victory on points. Surprised?

Broner is a young lion, while Bradley is also a fairly young lion with more experience and a higher ring I.Q. I think that the fight would have absolutely no issues in selling and would be welcomed by most of the boxing fans.

Would you want that fight to be made?


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Robert Guerrero: Does A Win Over Berto Show That He Is Ready For Floyd Mayweather Jr. ?

Believe it or not, this is yet another article, or an update to be exact, on Robert Guerrero and his trek to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As we know, Guerrero showed not only heart, but also his ability to take the big punches and give some back. Beating Andre Berto sure means a lot for Guerrero, and it means even more to the sport of boxing. Guerrero showed that he is back, and that he means business, while Berto was suddenly thrown far back in the ranks of boxing, and will not have to fight his way back to the top, which will not longer be a matter of winning one bout.

Of course after the fight, Guerrero wasted no time in calling out Floyd Mayweather Jr., and discussing how he will bean the fighter with the highest ring IQ:

“Now I have shown everyone that I can fight the best. That is why I want to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. Many have said that all I want to do is just make some more money by fighting bigger names, but today everyone saw that I mean business and that I truly want to fight the best out there,” stated Guerrero.

“There needs to be an individualized plan against every opponent. We will take our time in learning all that Mayweather Jr., and crate a fight plan. It is impossible to compare Floyd and Berto. Mayweather has excellent defensive skills, and is very mobile. I am not planning on running from him, like many others that only thrown a one-two combination. I am planning on fighting him. You saw that I am not afraid to trade punches and fight. I am not afraid of anything. I feel that I can beat Mayweather Jr.,” continued Robert.

Despite the rumors that Al Haymon entered Guerrero’s locker room after the fight to congratulate him on a job well done, I am not convinced that Mayweather Jr. is truly interested in fighting Guerrero. Or at least I hope not.

First of all, I wish the fighters find a new way of making their case against Mayweather Jr. Saying that they know how to beat Floyd is simply getting old and annoying. Yes, everyone had a plan until it fails, and truthfully, thus far a lot of various intricate plans against Mayweather Jr. have failed miserably. There has to be a completely new approach.

I like Guerrero and always have. I was very excited to see him come back to boxing, and am convinced he is here to stay make a splash. Having said that, his chances of beating Mayweather Jr., based on his previous two fights, are abysmal. This is not because he didn’t do a good job, he actually impressed the entire boxing community with how well he performed, but it’s the competition that he performed well against is what bothers me. Aydin and Berto are so far from what Mayweather Jr. does in the ring, that I feel Guerrero is simply not acknowledging that he would be fighting against a style he has yet to face.

Bad decision on his part, and if Mayweather Jr. decides to make some easy money by taking advantage of Guerrero’s win over Berto as the reason and the motive to accept the challenge, then I feel sorry for you and I.

Guerrero has all the tools needed to beat anyone he wants, but before putting them to work, he needs to learn how to use them.


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Trainer Fighters Like Mayweather and Adrien Broner Are Born

In this video we talk to boxing trainer Jose Benvidez Sr.


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