Amir Khan vs. Vyacheslav Senchenko in April at the Manchester Arena?

According to TheSun, Amir Khan is looking to fight Ricky Hatton’s conqueror Vyacheslav Senchenko in April at the Manchester Arena.

Aren’t there any better fights for out there for Khan? As I understand, he is trying to rebuild his career after two consecutive losses, and wants to get back to the top of the rankings as soon as possible. It is one thing to fight for money (Khan is looking at earning about £500,000 if this fight materializes), and it is another to earn your fans back by fighting top competition.

I am not trying to say that Senchenko is a nobody, and that Khan will toy with the Ukrainian champion, but as far as credibility goes, there are other fights that would boos Khan’s career much higher than a victory over Senchenko.

It’s hard to say whether Khan will be facing Garcia anytime soon, but his team should certainly aim for that goal. Calling Garcia out, accepting an offer that may not be optimal or what he wants, and agreeing to any terms set by team Garcia is something that Khan needs to push for and let the media know of his intentions. This is a fight that should not be all that hard to push though, thus I blame the lack of effort and possibly even apprehension of either team.

If Khan fights Senchenko, there is only two things that will come of it: a good payday, and a waste of time.


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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Is Leaving Freddie Roach For Beristain Or Garcia

Slowly but surely, Freddie Roach is being abandoned by his cream-of-the-crop customers. First it was Amir Khan who decided that his loss to Danny Garcia was not entirely his fault, and traded in Roach for Andre Ward’s coach Virgil Hunter.

Now, according to, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is following suit. Looks like he will no longer be trained by Freddie Roach after his loss to Sergio Martinez, and is now looking at working with either Juan Manuel Marquez’s trainer Nacho Beristain, or Doanire’s coach Robert Garcia.

While I am not necessarily sure that these fighters are losing because Freddie Roach is doing something wrong, it is their choice who they hire, and it in a way, its it interesting to see how another training approach could change a fighter. What if Chavez Jr. loses his next fight? Will he be looking for yet another replacement?

While I understand why fighters do this, I am curious whether one loss is really enough to make such a drastic change.

One thing for sure: no matter what happens, Manny Pacquiao will never replace his coach and one of his best friends for any reason.

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Amir Khan vs. Carlos Molina: Who Wants / Needs It More?

For Amir Khan, the boxing gods have been rough. After soaring higher and higher for so long, Khan had reached the very pinnacle of a champion’s respect, only to fall back to the very bottom via a 2 loss streak.

First it was a SD loss to Lamont Peterson in 2011, which was of course a controversial roller coaster for both fighters. In a way, Khan’s loss, despite leaving an “L” on his record, wasn’t all that damaging in the eyes of the boxing fans. Because it was controversial, its validity was almost ignored in the eyes of the people, and Khan’s status was mostly unchanged.

But then came the boom. Danny Garcia took advantage of the overconfident Khan, sending him to the canvas multiple times, just to end the fight with a 4 round TKO victory.

To Khan, whose cocky personal was one of his major attributes, this was a psychological disaster. Talking nonsense, providing excuses, and even leaving Freddie Roach and replacing him with Virgil Hunter, Amir did everything to separate himself from that loss.

Now, Khan believes that Hunter and can will lead him back to the top, and the only way to get this done, is to face Garcia in the ring and claim his crown back. Except that it’s not that easy and certainly not all that fast. Garcia has his own date with a challenge in Zab Judah, thus team Khan decided to comeback with a bang by working out a fight against an unbeaten Carlos Molina (17-0-1).

If this fight means a lot to Khan, than it means the world to Molina. A solid victory over Khan, over Virgil Hunter’s pupil, would send Molina’s stock through the roof, landing him various opportunities for very exclusive fights.

Both fighters will be fighting for more than a paycheck, and certainly both want it real bad. This is not about yesterday, and is not about now; instead it could very well be about the rest of their boxing careers.

On Saturday night, one of the two will be sitting down with their team after the fight and talking about who they want next, while the other team will be discussing what they did wrong and how to recover from their loss.


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Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah On Saturday, February 9, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn,NY.

According to various sources along with BoxRec, Danny Garcia will put his titles on the line against Zab Judah on Saturday, February 9, 2013, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

I don’t know about you, but this could end up being one of the most entertaining fights this year. Both fighters don’t mind trading shots as well as both of them are much more aggressive rather than defensive.

For Garcia, this is yet another great name to add to his record beside Erik Morales and Amir Khan. Having said that,Judah should be able to put up a much tougher challenge than either of the two. Despite Zab being older and in my opinion way past him prime, he is still impressively quick and accurate.

This is an important fight for both of them, with clear benefits of a victory and the consequences of a loss. For both Garcia and Judah, a win could spell an opportunity to demand a mega fight with a decent argument in favor of it.

Another way this could all go down is if Amir Khan ends up definitively beating Carlos Molina, than he would no doubt ask for the winner of Garcia vs.Judah. He had faced them both before, beating one and losing to the other, but a fighter against the winner only makes sense.


As far as my pick of Garcia vs. Judah goes, I think that Garcia should be able to pull this one of, and I would not be at all shocked if he knocks Judah down, and possibly out. But generally I like to hear more news, updates, and watched some videos before making a final prediction. Let’s see what we hear on this fight in the next few weeks.


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P4P Popularity #Social Media Calibration

Most Famous Boxers

Following on from Elie’s discussion with Four time Golden Gloves Champion Brendon Krause on the most famous fighters in the world today I thought it pertinent to perform an analysis of the social media following of today’s biggest names in boxing.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather remains the biggest draw in the sport.

Additionally I then cross-referenced the Social Media Following Rankings with various Pound-for-Pound Rankings establishing a framework for isolating the most touted & least appreciated athletes in the sport. In so much as I could I attempted also to place boxing in 2012 in some historical perspective as a sport of mass appeal by comparing social media followings of historical greats but eventually decided against a head-to-head comparison due to variations in social media uptake across generations. This is perhaps the least scientific & most vulnerable to the imbalances in age, outlook & frames of reference of the most active social media participants.

Twitter Followers

Floyd Mayweather 3,466,740

Manny Pacquiao 751,956

Largest Facebook Page (by Likes)

Floyd Mayweather
Las Vegas, Nevada · Athlete · 1,727,388 likes
Manny Pacquiao
Las Vegas, Nevada · Athlete · 3,148,538 likes
Twitter followers + Facebook Pages Likes
  1. Floyd Mayweather 3,466,740 + 1,727,388 likes = 5,194,128
  2. Manny Pacquiao 751,956 + 3,148,538 likes = 3,900,494


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