Golovkin Highly Interested in Facing the Winner of Ward vs. Rodriguez

On November 2, 2013, Gennady Golovkin will face Curtis Stevens at the Madison Square Garden Theater, in New York.

Stevens has an average resume of 25 victories and 43 losses, thus a lot of boxing fans are dismissing this fight as nothing more than a filler bout, a time-wasting component of boxing promotion game.

Even Golovkin himself sees his bout against Stevens as nothing more than a regular bout of no real significance.

“This is just a regular fight. It’s good that he is a strong fighter, but for me, it’s just another bout,” stated Golovkin.

When asked about the possibility of facing Mayweather Jr., Golovkin seems uninterested, but did comment with more enthusiasm when the conversation shifted to Andre Ward:

“This is a great fight, and if of significant interest to me. I think that next year, I will be able to face the winner (of Ward vs. Rodriguez).

It’s no secret that Golovkin vs. Ward would be a tremendous fight with a very healthy monetary return to the promoters, as well as an impressive paycheck for both fighters. All are hoping that this will happen sooner rather than later, otherwise we will have to bare through more fights that do nothing but waste everyone’s time.


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Should Andre Ward Travel Overseas To Fight Carl Froch?

If anyone believes that this is a complicated question, they must be entangled in the web of lies, conspiracies, and the business part of boxing.

The answer is a very simple, solid, yes!

There is absolutely no doubt that Andre Ward is a sensational boxer, with absolutely stunning technical skills. Maybe he doesn’t always provide an explosive fight, but he gets the results that many envy him for.

With all those great attributes, he is missing one very important piece of the boxing puzzle: championship level competition. Sure there are numerous dream fights, those that the boxing fans discuss and hypothesize on a daily basis, but there aren’t that many realistic fights to be made.

There is absolutely no room for argument, at least in my opinion, that Carl Froch is the best fight out there for Andre Ward right now, and vice versa. There would be no pay cut for Ward if he fought in the U.K., as a matter of fact I am pretty sure he would come out with a healthier payday fighting there rather than in his hometown of Oakland,CA.

I understand why Ward would want to train and fight in his hometown, but right now, without a good fight in sight; I think it would be wise to take the Froch challenge in his backyard. Unless of course another good challenger comes along, but who would that be?

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Andre Ward Want’s Carl Froch, Even If In The U.K.

Could it be, that Andre Ward is now one of those fighters that opposition tries to avoid for as long as they possibly can without losing all credibility? I think so!

Carl Froch, one of the very few fighters out there who, in my opinion, pose a very real threat to Ward, is certainly avoiding Ward by facing Mikkel Kessler instead. Not to say that Kessler will turn out to be a cakewalk for Froch, but the difference in the significance of the two fights is colossal. Kessler is just another fighter, and could no doubt make it a fun night for the fans, but Ward is highly rated pound-for-pound champion, thus simply getting another shot for Froch is an opportunity in itself.

Ward wants the fight, and has voiced this on numerous occasions:

“I would love it. I think Kessler and Froch are made for each other. But I don’t think either one of them wants to fight me. I think they should stop misleading the fans and be honest. Neither Hearn nor Sauerland have made us and offer here in the States, or anywhere else in the world. Pick up the phone and make us an offer if you guys say you want this rematch. If you’re that confident in Froch, pick up the phone,” stated Ward in a recent interview.

I find this pretty easy to believe, as facing Ward for Froch and Kessler could spell another loss, thus another couple of years digging themselves out of that loss. Time is money, and the last thing that anyone in the sport of boxing wants to do is waste any of it.

Froch in my opinion is a very talented fighter, much better than I thought he was before the tournament. If anyone could put up a fight and give Ward a run for his money, at this time, Froch is it.

I doubt that the issue is of a financial nature, and if contractually Froch doesn’t want to fight inOakland, or anywhere in the States for that matter, Ward suggests he would be willing to travel:

“I don’t have to do it, so it would be a treat for the UK fans. Froch won’t fight out of Nottingham and that 10,000 seat arena, unless he fights me. I guarantee if I come to the UK, we’ll double that,” suggested Ward.

If Ward comes to theUKand faces Froch, I am petty confident that any arena would sell out in no-time. If Froch gets past Kessler, fighting Ward should be a no-brainer, as there is simply no better fight out there for either man.

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Sports Illustrated Has Manny Pacquiao At # 6 On Their Pound-For-Pound List

Sports Illustrated has updated their Pound-For-Pound list, and as expected, Pacquiao slides down.


1)      Floyd Mayweather Jr.

2)      Andre Ward

3)      Juan Manuel Marquez / Sergio Martinez (Tie)

4)      Juan Manuel Marquez / Sergio Martinez (Tie)

5)      Nonito Donaire

6)      Manny Pacquiao

7)      Wladimir Klitschko

8)      Timothy Bradley

9)      Abner Mares

10)  Yuriorkis Gamboa


Andre Ward, Juan Manuel Marquez, Sergio Martinez and Nonito Donaire are now all rated higher than Manny Pacquiao, at least according to SI.

Not that I would have much to argue about in their list, except maybe Sergio Martinez, but this how just how brutal the politics of boxing can be. Not even in the top 5, Pacquiao is now just one rank above Klitschko, and two above Bradley.

I don’t know that this is as fair as it could be, but sure, Pacman lost, and he gets released from his previous spot. While this list means something to someone, I doubt that it truly represents what the fans believe.

For example, as much as I like Ward, and I truly am a huge fan, I think Marquez should be higher than him on that list. What I am trying to say, is that don’t read into this list too much, but instead just look at it as a someone’s opinion.

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Andre Ward vs. Kelly Pavlik on January 26, 2013 at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, CA.

What a better way for Kelly Pavlik to boost his career to the very peak if not by facing Andre Ward? That’s right; there isn’t a better, more direct route to the top.

Andre Ward is the new pound-for-pound sensation, and he has earned that spot and title. His recent TKO victory over Chad Dawson, has earned Ward millions of fans around the world.

According to various sources, including BoxRec.com, Andre Ward will face Kelly Pavlik on January 26, 2013 at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Ever since his loss to Bernard Hopkins, Pavlik hasn’t been the same. He is still a good fighter and performs well inside the ring, but there is something missing from his game, something that made him better before his fight with Hopkins.

Aside from the fact that it’s hard betting against Ward nowadays, I think that Pavlik has picked the wrong opponent both stylistically and physically. Pavlik is a heavy footer fighter, and facing someone as slick as Ward will be a difficult challenge to overcome. Andre can and does fire from all angles, and it takes someone quick with the highest ring IQ to defeat Ward at his own game.

Pavlik will likely stand his ground for the first few rounds, but as soon as he makes a mistake or shows signs of exhaustion, the fight is over. Ward will be all over Kelly from bell to bell, and unfortunately I don’t think that Pavlik has the conditioning for constant readjustment and peppering offense.

It could also go another route, the roughhousing one. Ward has showed against Dawson that he can take a punch, and give and ever better one back. At this point in time, I can say without much hesitation that Andre Ward is starting to develop a taste for aggressive fighting, and like the smell of a knockout. Pavlik might be hitting the canvas much sooner than most of us expect.

Can Pavlik beat Ward? Absolutely, as in boxing, there are no absolutes. But as far as odds go, if you are a betting fan, your money is safe with Ward.


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