Who Are The Five Fighters You Would Pay To Watch

In this video we talk to John Molina Jr. about the five fighters he would pay to watch.

Robert Garcia Reality Show Episode 62 – An NBA Giant In The Gym

Robert Garcia is one of the best boxing trainers in the world today. He is also the first trainer to have his won reality show. Check out the latest episode.


Miguel Cotto: Greatness Interrupted

Miguel Cotto: A Career of Two Chapters

Rewind to 2007 & Miguel Cotto was widely (or at the least in many informed sections of the boxing world) regarded as a potential heir apparent to the Pound-for-Pound lineage of Julio Cesar Chavez, Roy Jones & yes, Floyd Mayweather Junior.

In truth the pre-2008 vintage Miguel Cotto was a feared, respected & highly regarded boxer-puncher with an increasingly fabled lethal left hook. Some will insist that Cotto, though possessing significant skills with both offensive & defensive weaponry, was simply another good fighter who had flaws – flaws that on a long enough time line were bound to be exposed. I am not sure I buy into that – or at the least do not feel I was afforded the opportunity to see that “inevitable” outing take place in any semblance of a legitimate or natural passage of events.

No, the events that transpired during & in the aftermath of the now universally dubious 2008 summer showstopper that was Cotto vs. Margarito I left a permanently bitter taste in the mouth of fans whose sole allegiance is to the sport itself – & to the unearthing of the next great boxer around whom an era of significant rivalries & clashes can be constructed. Some will muse about the psychological impact of his devastating TKO loss in that bout – not a matter to be overlooked to be certain – though I fear the very real physical battering the to that point undefeated Miguel Cotto sustained could have had lasting & (at the very highest level) terminal repercussions.

As the boxing community gears up towards “Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto” there will nevertheless remain an overriding sentiment of what could have been when considering the life, times & career of one Miguel “Junito” Cotto.

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Floyd Mayweather: Miguel Cotto Losses (Pacquiao, Margarito) Don’t Count

Floyd Mayweather talks about the person who he will be facing May 5th on HBO PPV Miguel Cotto. Mayweather talks about Cotto’s losses to Pacquiao and Margarito.

Robert Garcia Reality Show Episode 52 – Boxing & Smoking Don’t Mix

Check out another episode of the Robert Garcia Reality Show – the first reality show about a boxing trainer.

Garcia, one of the best trainers in the business works with some of the biggest stars like Kelly Pavlik, Nonito Donaire, Brandon Rios, Antonio Margarito, Mikey Garcia and Pelos Garcia just to name a few.

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