Bob Arum Willing to Sell His Ticket..for $200k

Bob Arum Suggests If Financials Make Sense, Pacquiao Will Fight In U.S. Again

“It’s all a matter of running the numbers: if he makes a certain amount in the United States, he has to pay 40% in taxes. If he makes a certain amount of money in Macau, it’s a very small percentage. So you run the numbers, if you fought in the United States and the numbers are such that you’ve taken to account the taxes and still make economic sense, he would fight in the United States,” stated Top Rank’s Bob Arum about Pacquiao’s potential future fights in the USA.

I would assume that Pacquiao will make a ton of money anywhere and everywhere he decides to fight, and I most certainly believe that he will not make in Macau less than half of what he makes in Las Vegas or  the Cowboys Stadium.

Thus, there is very little change that Manny will want to fight in America, unless of course the right opponent comes around, the kind that will yield groundbreaking numbers, or in other words, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There are some fights where Pacquiao wouls have the upper hand as far as the location and the date of the fight goes, but there are also some fights out there where Manny would not be the one dictating the terms. And those are the only fights that could bring Manny back to the United States for a fight.

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Bob Arum Picks Mayweather Jr. To Beat Canelo Via Easy Decision Or Stoppage

Top Rank’s Bob Arum never shies away from speaking his mind, and in his recent interview he stated that despite the fact that there are armies of boxing fans believing that Canelo will be Floyd’s biggest challenge in a long time, Arum thinks that it will be yet another easy night for Mayweather Jr.

“I think that Mayweather Jr. will decision or stop him,” stated Arum. While I agree that Canelo is not going to be as big a challenge as many think, and that Floyd will likely walk away with an easy U.D. victory, knocking Canelo out would be a phenomenal spectacle.

The question is, could Maywather Jr. send Alvarez to the canvas? Technically he can, but it’s highly unlikely. Although being that Alvarez runs out of gas by the middle rounds, he might end up wide open for Mayweather Jr. to pepper him with anything he wants to throw.

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Bob Arum Defends Chavez Jr., Says NSAC Should Change Policy On Drugs?

To be completely honest, I thought that the entire fiasco with Chavez Jr. and his marijuana habit has slowly settled, and possibly will not be brought up again.

This of course turned out to be much more than just a slap on the wrist when the commission decided to take the action further.

Now, Chavez Jr. has decided to fight back, and is getting ready to fire up a lawsuit against the NSAC for the $900,000 fine that they had imposed on the young fighter.

“Why is it their damned business if the kid smokes a joint? They fined (Fernando) Vargas $100,000 for using steroids when he fought Oscar (De La Hoya), and they fine this kid $900,000 for pot?…The commission needs to update its rules on drugs. But I’m not going to convince them to change. I have no chance. The people on the commission are not people who live in the real world. There’s no reasoning with these people. It’s a lost cause,” commented Bob Arum in defense of Chavez Jr.

An illegal substance, any kind of them, is a very sensitive yet straight forward topic. It is not legal to smoke Marijuana, and is it greatly frowned upon by the athletic commission. On the other hand, is the NSAC simply trying to use Chavez Jr. as an example for the rest of the potential young up-and-coming boxers?

Pot is not an enhancer; as a matter of fact it will hinder any kind of sports related performance, while greatly improving one’s ability to overeat. Of course once it hit the public, the commission had to respond in the most proper manner, and they did.

When Arum mentioned that the commission needs to update their rules on drugs, I am not sure what exactly he is hoping for or suggesting. Does he expect drugs to be made legal in the spot of boxing?

I don’t know the details of the lawsuit that Chavez Jr. is aiming for, but I do not think that he will be able to have the case dropped or reduced.

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Juan Manuel Marquez Is Asking For $20,000,000! Is This A Reasonable Number?

While there are numerous rumors floating around about Bob Arum’s upcoming dinner with Juan Manuel Marquez in order to discuss a possibility of fighting Pacquiao for the fifth time, thus far the meeting has never happened. Some reports are suggesting that the meeting had been postponed by Marquez for unknown reasons.

According to another recent suggestion, Juan Manuel Marquez has officially asked for $20 million payday in order to meet Pacquiao in the ring yet another time.

“It may be too much for him to ask for $20 million. But maybe that’s just an initial figure in order to get the negotiations going. He may end up settling for half of that,” believes a source.

Is $20 million too much to ask for? Before his knockout of Pacquiao, I would not think that this kind of money is plausible to ask for by Marquez, but now, being that the fifth fight would make more money than any of the previous ones, I think it’s reasonable.

As the source has reasoned, this may be a figure to start the negotiations from, and while the only way to go would be down, it’s always better to negotiate down from higher number.

Arum would likely try to convince Marquez that this is simply impossible because the fight would simply not make enough money in order to cover such offers, but in reality, Arum knows that this is the biggest profit fight other than Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao would be.

Fighting Rios or any other fighter is not only a very high-risk and low-reward scenario for Pacquiao, but is also a waste of his precious time. If anyone will be standing in the way of this fight, it would Top Rank, as for Manny, a chance at redemption while getting paid a tremendous sum of money is a win-win.

What do you think, is Marquez being reasonable?


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