How Did Boxing Champ Austin Trout Get His Nickname – No Doubt?

In this video we talk to boxing champ Austin Trout.

Victor Ortiz: Floyd Who??

Victor Ortiz held a media conference call with reporters. Check out what he said below.

My last question is for Victor.  Your power, it was there against Berto.  Is it going to translate also again in this fight and also how important is the body punch in this fight?

 V. Ortiz         

That was probably the funniest question I’ve ever received.  How can you not transfer over power into another fight?  That’s kind of funny to me because as far as I’m concerned if you’re born as a puncher, it’s not your fault you’re born as a puncher.  It kind of just happens.  So, as far as that goes, power will definitely carry in.  I don’t really need to tell anything about the whole fighting thing.  I believe the fight September 17th will say it all.

Hello, everybody.  Hey, Victor, how’s it going man?  Talked to you yesterday over there; thanks for all your time.  Victor, this is more of a comment than anything and maybe you don’t know this.  Personally, I haven’t written anything about you having trouble at 140, but just so you know, after you beat Berto, a lot of us were at Freddie Roach’s gym for somebody’s workout.  Honestly, I don’t remember whose it was.  And he told everybody that he had been telling you for quite some time that you were killing yourself to make 140 and that you should be at 147.  So, some of it may have come from Freddie Roach’s comments.  I’m not really sure but just kind of an FYI, more than anything.

V. Ortiz         
Freddie did have a lot of knowledge behind that.  But at the same time, it was one of those things where people were saying and commenting that I had a lot of problems making 140.  I didn’t.  But Freddie does have a point and with my coaches and team now, I’m comfortable at 147.  I walk around almost there, so, I’m good.

 Q   No, actually, I think you’re a monster at 147, so that’s awesome.  Oscar, are you still there?  Oscar, I wanted to ask you.  We all know that Victor has overcome a lot.  His life, from his childhood, and then he overcame some stuff during his boxing career, stuff that happened in 2009, when people were ripping all over him and he’s overcome all that to become a world champion, and also national ambassador for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  As somebody, who now, meaning you, is going through his own trials and tribulations, what do you think about somebody like Victor Ortiz?  What can you say about him after everything that he’s overcome to be where he’s at now?

O. De La Hoya         
I mean, obviously, I didn’t live through what Victor lived and I can’t speak for him or even get close to what he experienced.  But all I can say is that I’m very proud of him because of what he has accomplished, the obstacles that he had in front of him, you know, sooner than later, he was able to overcome all that adversity.  It shows you what a great person he is and a true champion he is.  I can honestly say that, with a clear head, that Victor is my hero.  The fact that he’s World Champion; he is a hero to a lot of people.


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