While Earning His Paycheck Fighting Canelo, Mayweather Jr. Was Robbed By Girlfriend

Being rich and famous, people become instant targets of those entering into relationships with them maliciously. Whether its dating, marriage, or even friendship, there are scam artists on every corner looking for someone to con. In Mayweather Jr.’s case, the swindler was his girlfriend Princess Love, who had robbed one of Floyd’s properties during his fight against Saul Alvaresz.

“One of Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez. Our sources says about eight Rolex watched, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the home,” reported LarryBrownSports.

Apparently she has planned this for a while, and it was one of Floyd’s friend that has spilled the beans about the plan. Also, it seems that 50 Cent had warned Mayweather Jr. of this girl before, but Floyd neglected to listen.

Now, the photo that Mayweahter Jr. had previously posted makes a lot more sense. as it is clear that it viscously targets Princess Love.

It seems that finding true love will not be easy for the boxing superstar, and his riches will always be an object of possible, even probable envy and greed.

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What Does Alvarez have That Mayweather Jr. Should Be Wary Of?

Now that Mayweather Jr. and Alvarez are getting ready to step inside the ring in just 10 days, boxing fans are beginning to make their predictions. As usual, Mayweather Jr. has an entire army of boxing fans praying that he finally lose.

Some are predicting Alvarez to win by a UD, while others suggest that a knockout is coming Floyd’s way. I thought about both fighters, and while Canelo has been dominating his own competition, I don’t see the reasoning behind proclaiming Mayweather Jr. a loser in their upcoming bout.

What does Alvarez have that Mayweather Jr. should be wary of?

For one he is a young well trained champion, with real dedication to the sport. I like watching him fight, and can certainly see that he is here to stay and make waves in the sport of boxing.

Still, he is simply too inexperienced inside the ring to outsmart or bait Mayweather Jr. Will this be another one of those fights where Floyd dominates his opponent and gets minimal credit for? Or will Alvarez do enough to make Floyd work for his money?

If styles make fights, than Mayweather Jr. should have absolutely no trouble handling Canelo after the first few rounds. Of all the things that Alvarez is lacking, stamina seems to be his biggest problem area.

At the same time, will Alvarez be able to catch Floyd on the ropes or in the corner and somehow penetrate his Philly style defense?

Either way, this fight started out as an interesting proposal, and is now one of the most exciting match-ups that Mayweather Jr. could have been in.



Canelo’s Chance at Beating Mayweather Jr. = Same As Was Guerrero’s Chance at Beating Mayweather Jr.

“I know him very well, we have studied him. I’m a distinct fighter. I’m very different than anyone he has ever faced and I feel I’m going to be victorious. His defense is very hard to penetrate, but we are going to come out with the right game plan,” stated the confident Alvarez in a recent interview.

This is all very good and inspiring, but how will Canelo be different than any and all other previous fallen opponents of Floyd’s? Everyone had studies Mayweather Jr. extensively before stepping inside the ring against him, and everyone said that they were different and that they were going to beat him, and of course all had the perfect plan. All of them failed.

To be honest, I don’t think that technically, skill-wise, Mayweather Jr. can be beaten by any fighter. The only fighter that will have a good chance is one that will not only be facing a “physically” old Mayweather Jr., but will also be much stronger and faster than Floyd. If those two conditions are not met, there is no fighter in current boxing that has any chance of coming out a winner.

Despite the fact that I sound like a Floyd fanatic, I am not, and I never was. I simply look at the reality of the situation, the facts of the past, and plug it into an equation.

I think, and I know that I stand to be ravaged by serious criticism for this, that Alvarez’s chance of beating Mayweather Jr. is not any bigger than Guerrero’s was. Aside from being a puncher, his attributes are average at most. He gets winded very quickly, he is sloppy and robotic when is tired, and most certainly doesn’t display any evidence of ring I.Q

Adaptability is top notch ability to posses, of which Canelo has none, and Floyd has an abundance of. Sadly, Floyd is in for another easy night, and Alvarez will collect a rather incredible paycheck and continue his career dominating carefully selected opponents.



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Bob Arum Picks Mayweather Jr. To Beat Canelo Via Easy Decision Or Stoppage

Top Rank’s Bob Arum never shies away from speaking his mind, and in his recent interview he stated that despite the fact that there are armies of boxing fans believing that Canelo will be Floyd’s biggest challenge in a long time, Arum thinks that it will be yet another easy night for Mayweather Jr.

“I think that Mayweather Jr. will decision or stop him,” stated Arum. While I agree that Canelo is not going to be as big a challenge as many think, and that Floyd will likely walk away with an easy U.D. victory, knocking Canelo out would be a phenomenal spectacle.

The question is, could Maywather Jr. send Alvarez to the canvas? Technically he can, but it’s highly unlikely. Although being that Alvarez runs out of gas by the middle rounds, he might end up wide open for Mayweather Jr. to pepper him with anything he wants to throw.

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Roger Mayweather Doesn’t Buy The Canelo Hype

Now that Saul Alvarez has been designated as Floyd’s next opponent, the debates about how good he really is are heating up. Some people claim that he is the real deal, and will most definitely expose Mayweather Jr. and his age (we have heard this way too many times), while other agree that this fight will be no different from most others, with Mayweather Jr. dominating the fight suing his ring I.Q. as well as his astounding technical skills.

Floyd’s uncle, Roger Mayweather told Chris Robinson of Hustleboss.com that Canelo is nothing special, and his abilities are blown way out of proportion.

“That’s somebody that they think can beat Floyd. It’s just somebody they believe can beat Floyd. He’s alright. He aint no beast like they say he is. Floyd wins because of his ability and he knows what he has to do to get that performance and that’s what it was with the other guy,” stated Roger.

It appears as though Roger sees Floyd’s opposition as naive kids, wishing and hoping, and ultimately living a false belief. Truth be told, its hard to argue with that, as thus far Mayweather Jr. proved to not only be unbeatable, but in his own unmatched class.

I happen to agree with Roger, at least for now, that Canelo poses no threat to Mayweather Jr. and he is not the next best thing that many make him out to be. He is certainly a champion, and has reached amazing heights, and deserves it for his hard work and dedication to the sport. But he is also green when it comes to championship level prime competition.

What will Team Canelo do when Saul is struggling for a little extra oxygen and is throwing shots that hit nothing but empty space?  This is a scenario that Alvarez and his team need to plan on facing, whether they believe their will win or not.

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