Oscar De La Hoya Suggests Mayweather Jr. Want’s Canelo Next

According to the Boxing Insider and other reliable sources, Oscar De La Hoya has recently suggested that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would like to give Saul Alvarez an opportunity to face him next.

Of course a statement like that has to be taken with a grain of salt, as at this point in time, it is absolutely meaningless. I would tend to believe something of this sort if the name Mayweather Jr. wasn’t associated with it, but knowing Floyd and the way he handles his fights, the challenger will not be announced until both fighters have singed the contract.

If this fight indeed pans out, be ready for a very quick sell-out of the tickets, and new groundbreaking PPV numbers. I can definitely see why Floyd would favor Canelo as his next opponent.

Think about it: not only would Canelo prove to be an easy night’s work (crazy thoughts I know), but the profits would be through the roof. Mayweather Jr. knows how to pick the right opponent for himself, and Alvarez makes absolute sense.

As a matter of fact, there isn’t much of an argument against it. Canelo has thus far shown that he at least deserves a chance to face Floyd.

Let’s keep an ear out since Mayweather Jr. needs to align an opponent sooner rather than later as his fight is scheduled for sometime in September.


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Alvarez vs. Mayweather Jr. and Trout vs. Cotto II? Or Canelo vs. Trout Re-Match?

A tough fight for both men, but Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was able to secure a win against Austin‘No Doubt” Trout via a U.D. with the judges scoring the fight 115-112, 116-111, and 118-109.

The seventh round gave Canelo the unnecessary nonetheless evident boost, as he sent Trout to the canvas. It seemed that Trout was bothered by that monstrous right hand, but was able to recover and continue the war.

This is a huge deal for team Canelo, as they are inching closer and closer to a blockbuster fight. Status is everything in boxing, and at this time, Alvarez has not only bragging rights, but has the required resume to call out the biggest names, and do so rightfully.

Of course a lot of boxing fans have been asking, and are probably thinking about it even more now, if Mayweather Jr. vs. Alvarez should and will even happen. The answer to this question is like a three headed dragon; it has too multiple roadblocks to prevent it from happening.

While it may sound like fanaticism, based on tonight’s performance, the ‘classic’ Mayweather Jr., the one who boxes and moves, would most likely win a landslide decisions against Canelo. Like it or not, this fight, as far as boxing odds and fighting an even opponent, is lacking.

Still, there are a number of good money and status fights out there for Alvarez, and the best one at this point in time, in my opinion, is a rematch against Trout. Both put in a tremendous amount of work, and it was it a great fight for the fans.

For Trout, despite being a loss, it was a show of great performance and heart, and aside from a loss on his record, he should be proud of what he did tonight. Trout deserved a rematch, and I would strongly suggest the fans to support that proposition if it is ever on the table.

If not, Trout will No Doubt find another big fight very soon. Trout vs. Cotto II is not a far-fetched idea, and as a matter of fact, it makes perfect sense. Cotto would gladly take another shot at his victor, and Trout would love to prove to the public that his victory against Cotto was not a fluke, and that he is truly a champion. All that would of course come with a hefty paycheck.

What do you think? Which fights should be pursued by Alvarez and Trout now?

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Is Leaving The Mayweahter Jr. vs. Guerrero Card The Right Move For Trout And Canelo?

Will being their own main event of the evening instead of fighting on the undercard of Mayweather Jr. vs. Guerrero be a better thing for Canelo and Trout? I guess April 20th inSan Antonio,Texas will tell.

While there are too many opinions about this circulating on the internet, most people that I have had the chance to ask agree that fighting on the same card as Mayweather Jr. is rarely a bad thing.

Mayweather Jr. PPV fights have a tendency to sell in colossal numbers, and if someone pays for an event, it’s very likely that they will watch the entirety of it. As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet that the Mayweather Jr. vs. Guerrero PPV event will generate a lot more viewers than the free Canelo vs. Trout Showtime bout.

If both Trout and Alvarez are looking to make an even bigger name, and to have more people watch their fights, than staying on the Mayweather Jr. undercard would have been the right way to go. I understand that it’s a matter of egos and personalities, but business is business, and moving away from more to less, is simply wasting one’s time.

Canelo and Trout would essentially have no need for any aggressive promotion, since they would all be aware that the hype will come from Mayweather Jr. name being on the card. It would be a very easy way for both of them to enjoy the best case scenario handed to them on a silver platter.


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Shane Mosley vs. Paulie Malignaggi Is Being Negotiated For April

Remember the recent rumors about Shane Mosley possibly coming back to boxing? I believe it was Shane’s friend or someone close to team Mosley who started this speculation by quoting that Mosley thought that there were too many very unimpressive performances out there, and that he would do better.

Well ladies and gentlemen; the distant rumor is now no longer far fetched:

“From theBarclaysCenteron Showtime, it will be Paulie Malignaggi and it’s going to be a triple-header. And it might be, if we can get it done, what is being discussed is the return of Sugar Shane Mosley,” said Richard Schaefer.

Really? Are we back to Sugar Shane trying to convince himself that he could still be a force in the division? Don’t get me wrong, I would rarely count someone like Mosley out in a fight, and I am also a very big fan of his as a champion and a person, but this might be overkill.

His legacy, despite his recent losses is still very strong and solid, but if he keeps coming back and losing, it might crumble. Nobody can take away all the victories and sensations fights that Mosley has blesses us with, but piling on loss after loss will not do any good.

Having said that, I am intrigue by the match up: Paulie vs. Shane could very well be a competitive war. Shane, I believe, still have the power and the experience to take Paulie out. I am torn on this topic, and cannot figure out whether I would like to see him back for this fight, or stay away from the ring.

What do you guys think?

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Opposing Reports: Is Canelo Facing Cotto Or Trout Next?

After his loss to Austin Trout, Miguel Cotto stated that he will indeed continue his boxing career, as he should.

Boxing forums were buzzing with the conversations and speculation of who Cotto should aim for nest. At this moment there are some two very opposing pieces of information, and of course we don’t know which one is to be trusted.

Gorodok Boxing reports Canelo’s coach Jose Reynoso stating the following:

“Cotto was an excellent candidate for a fight against Alvarez, but after his loss to Trout he is no longer an option. At this point in time Austin took his place as a nominee.”

Alvarez also agrees that Trout would make an excellent fight, saying:

“Trout is a strong fighter, left handed, and hasn’t suffered a loss yet. He has a very unusual style, and would be a great option for my May fight.”

While I do think that Trout is deserving of that challenge as well as Canelo shouldn’t think he is deserving of anything more lucrative, I do think that fighting Cotto would not only make more money, but would probably please the boxing fans more. Both options sound good to me, but if I was to choose, I would prefer to see Canelo vs. Cotto over Trout. Maybe trout and Guerrero could make something happen?

But here is the thing, while according to one website Canelo and his coach are not in favor of fighting Cotto, another website reports otherwise.

Fightnews.com has different information, one that puts Cotto and Canelo close to finalizing their negotiations. Here is what Fightnews reports:

“He will also meet with Golden Boy Promotions to allegedly finalize a May 4 fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, the undefeated WBC 154-pound champion. Word is this bout was already agreed upon and both Alvarez and his promoter Oscar de la Hoya believe that Cotto is a much easier opponent than Trout.”

So which one is it? Is team Canelo interested in facing Cotto and has already decided to go through with it, or are they aiming at Trout for their next fight? I guess the only thing that we can do is wait for the next wave of news about this topic, and I believe that we should know something later this week.

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