Vitali’s Retirement Nearing, 2014 Might Be His Last Year

According to recent news, Tom Loeffler has suggested that Vitali Klitscho may fight his last fight in 2014, ending his career thereafter.

According to Loeffler, the fight will take place sometime next year, against an opponent yet to be signed, even though chances are it will be his mandatory challenger Bermane Stiverne.

While there have been numerous reports in past few years suggesting that Vitali was thinking about calling it quits, this time I believe it to be true.

Not only is he getting older and more prone to injuries, his political career is moving forward, with Vitali hoping to run for president of Ukraine.

Maybe it’s the distraction of politics, or maybe his physical condition, I think that he himself is finally ready to let boxing go.

It is quite a treat to see a fighter start at the bottom, and go as far as the Klitschko brothers have gone. It is also sad to see them retire, even if happy with more to look forward to in life.

Vitali Klitschko is not only a boxer, but together with his brother they are nothing short of a sensation. Vitali will be 43 next year, and just the fact that he has been as dominating as he was in they heavyweight division, should land him in a historic slot in boxing.

Having said all that, Vitali did recently mention that he would like to fight David Haye before hanging up with gloves for good. “’Let’s see. Why not? But at the moment, I don’t want to talk about major plans,” replied Vitali when asked about the possibility of him facing David Haye.


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Jonathan Banks Feels Wladimir vs. Fury or vs. Haye Possible

Wladimir Klitschko’s trainer Jonathan Banks, had recently suggested that while they are not looking past Povetkin, a fight with Tyson Fury and possibly Davidy Haye are likely scenarios for the future.


“In the future, everything is possible, but first; let’s see how the Povetkin fight goes. It is possible that Wladimir will fight Fury. Also, if David Haye becomes a mandatory, I am sure that Wladimir will be ready to meet him in the ring once again,” said Banks.

Is this Banks just having a hypothetical conversation, or have they discussed their near future with Wladimir already?

Both Fury and Haye would generate a very healthy payday for team Klitschko, but how realistic are those fights? If I had to choose, I think that a bout against Fury would be more refreshing than against Haye, simply due to the dullness of Haye’s last bout against Wladimir.

I feel that Fury is more enthusiastic about his career at this point in time, and would probably look a lot more active against Wladimir than Haye would. Both fighters would of course have to travel to Germany, and both would have to play by the Klitschko rules  if they want to meet him in the ring. What that tells me is that Fury would be much more lenient in his own demands, and would meet Wladimir’s request without much hesitation, unlike Haye.

Of course for now this is nothing but speculation, but assumptions and rumors often lead to facts.


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Is Stiverne vs. Vitali Klitschko Next? Will He Be Vitali’s Retirement Fight?

Chris Arreola lost his chance to fight Vitali Klitschko, and he lost it to Bermane Stiverne this past Saturday night.

To be honest, I expected Arreola to win, and win big. But instead, I saw a well paced and reserved Stiverne, fighting smart and calm. I never knew Bermane to be the fighter that showed up against Arreola, and as a matter of fact, I see him being a bigger threat to Vitali than Chris would have been.

The question is, will Vitali fight Stiverne sometime soon? Apparently being a mandatory means very little in boxing as far as time is concerned, with mandatory fights being postponed and pushed back all the time. Vitali is not the kind of fighter that tried to avoid a fight, and I believe if ordered, will face Stiverne sometime in September.

As far as the fight is concerned, while I don’t think that Vitali will walk through Stiverne, I do believe he will walk away with a comfortable U.D. victory. Bermane is a bit too slow for Vitali, who constantly gives angles while moving about the ring.

This would be a good fight for Vitali to say farewell to boxing, although if Haye accepts to have a ridiculously small share of the profits, Vitali would probably pick him before retiring from boxing.


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David Haye Back In The Ring On June 29th, 2013 at MEN Arena

Looks like David Haye and the idea of retirement will not go hand in hand just yet. According to BoxRec, Haye will step inside the ring on June 29th, against an opponent yet to be decided.

The fight will be taking place at the Manchester Arena inUK, and is unlikely to have the name Klitschko attached to it.

I think that with an impressive victory over a hopefully formidable opponent, Haye could once again try to get a contract against Vitali Klitschko. If not, I think that Chris Arreola would be an excellent choice to develop a “mandatory” status against either Klitschko down the line.

Who do you think Haye will be facing next? And do you think that a fight against Arreola would be good for both fighters? Haye, just like Arreola, after their losses to either one the Klitschko brothers, have been consistently calling them out, hoping to get another shot at a giant Ukrainian.

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Vitali Klitschko May Fight David Haye In The Summer Of 2013

Over the past few months Vitali Klitschko’s return to the ring was in question. Circulating rumors suggested that he is on the verge of announcing his retirement, and one of them had even claimed that he already had made that announcement inUkraine.

Of course all of that was nothing but speculations, since Vitali himself had said nothing solid about his future boxing career. That was until now, where in a recent statement a close member of team Vitali Klitschko had explained that Vitali is indeed planning to step into the ring one more time, again an opponent all too familiar.

“There is a 90% chance that we will see Vitali in the ring one more time. His opponent could be David Haye, but Haye would have to agree to our terms. In 2011 the Klitschko brothers had agreed on an equal division of profits because at that time David Haye was a WBA champion and was able to interest a lot of PPV viewers from theUK. The result was a sum of profits close to $25 million. At this time Haye has neither a title nor the same interest from his countrymen as he did before. I think that he shouldn’t expect any more than 30%. If he agrees to the new deal, than the fight might take place in Germany at one of the indoor stadiums of Frankfurt orDusseldorf. In the summer the Parilament of Ukraine will have a long recess, at which time Vitali could train in Austria,” said the source.

I don’t know about you, but I think that David Haye needs to take the 30% and avoid creating unnecessary arguments about this number. What was stated above is the pure truth, and since Haye has very little to offer in this fight, he should oblige Vitali’s demands. If Haye ends up passing up this amazing opportunity to fight Vitali, his fans as well as the boxing world will abandon him. The chance of beating Vitali, as slim as it may be, should be enough of an incentive for Haye to go ahead and sign the contract.


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