Leonard Ellerbe Calls Pacquiao’s Advisor An Idiot Manny Should Be Ashamed Of

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao: Drug Testing Quarrels Still Hampering Matters.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has declined to agree to terms for a penalty that would cost either man $5 million in the event of a failed drug test before or after their May 2 megafight according to Michael Koncz.

“Today we were informed that Mayweather turned down the request. Manny had requested that there would be a reciprocal fine of $5 million for a failed drug test. We have no recourse. We can’t force Floyd into something. But we gave them an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and they wouldn’t. I won’t speculate why. To me there is no legitimate argument. We know we’re clean. That’s why Manny said he would pay $5 million if he tested dirty. Manny was surprised [Mayweather refused]. He can’t figure out why they wouldn’t agree to it when Floyd is always talking about cleaning up the sport of boxing.” Michael Koncz

Koncz said even though the agreements for the fight are signed, as is a separate agreement for the United States Anti-Doping Agency to supervise random blood and urine testing, they had still been discussing terms for a large fine in the event of a failed test. Jeremiah Reynolds (Mayweather’s attorney) sent a letter to Pacquiao attorney David Moroso yesterday declining to enter into any agreements on a fine for failing a drug test.

Michael Koncz is an idiot, and Manny Pacquiao should be ashamed to have him as his representative, in my opinion, it’s obvious he didn’t read the contract. Why would he have his fighter sign something he was not happy with? The deal was negotiated up and down by his promoter [Bob Arum] on behalf of Manny with Floyd and Mayweather Promotions, and it’s been well documented in the media for quite some time. If this moron didn’t convey his fighter’s wishes when the negotiation was going on, that’s their problem. This is a lame-ass attempt to generate publicity. If Manny Pacquiao tested positive it is going to cost him a whole lot more than $5 million. All parties signed a contract agreeing to every term. Where has this idiot Koncz been? It sounds like he didn’t read the documents they signed. No wonder why his fighter is always confused. It sounds like that idiot is suggesting there’s a $5 million price tag if Manny comes up positive. That sounds suspicious. All I know is we welcome random testing as we always have.” Leonard Ellerbe



While Earning His Paycheck Fighting Canelo, Mayweather Jr. Was Robbed By Girlfriend

Being rich and famous, people become instant targets of those entering into relationships with them maliciously. Whether its dating, marriage, or even friendship, there are scam artists on every corner looking for someone to con. In Mayweather Jr.’s case, the swindler was his girlfriend Princess Love, who had robbed one of Floyd’s properties during his fight against Saul Alvaresz.

“One of Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez. Our sources says about eight Rolex watched, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the home,” reported LarryBrownSports.

Apparently she has planned this for a while, and it was one of Floyd’s friend that has spilled the beans about the plan. Also, it seems that 50 Cent had warned Mayweather Jr. of this girl before, but Floyd neglected to listen.

Now, the photo that Mayweahter Jr. had previously posted makes a lot more sense. as it is clear that it viscously targets Princess Love.

It seems that finding true love will not be easy for the boxing superstar, and his riches will always be an object of possible, even probable envy and greed.

More @ http://cgboxing.blogspot.com/




Bradley vs. Mayweather Jr.: Should Bradley Postpone This Thought

Proving yourself as a boxing champion can sometimes take a lot longer and turn out to be more intricate than one would expect. For Timothy Bradley (31-0-0), it has been a long and torturous road, with harsh criticism from the boxing fans and media around every corner. His victory against Manny Pacquiao earned him nothing but aggressive and offensive negative response from the public, leaving him with low confidence and a ravaged mental state.

Nevertheless, he pushed on. The Provodnikov fight showed Timothy as not only a boxer, but a fighter with a huge heart and determination. The fans wanted to see him fight, and that’s exactly what Bradley did against the dangerous Russian.

And now, after showing a phenomenal boxing ability against a technical virtuoso Juan Manuel Marquez, and claiming a hard fought victory, Bradley has finally earned a nod from the boxing media and fans. So what is the next step for Bradley? Who should he focus on next?

The options seem to be plentiful: Rios if he beats Pacquaio, Pacquiao rematch if he beats Rios, Juan Manuel Marquez rematch, and of course last and most dangerous, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Of course boxing involves heavy politics, thus some of the fights would be much harder to make than others. For Bradley, choosing the next opponent should be a very well thought out process, with future in mind.

Bradley has been talking about facing Mayweather Jr. for a long time, but is this a smart fight to chase? Financially, no doubt. But is Bradley ready to take an unnecessary loss?

Don’t get me wrong, Timothy is a tremendous champion, and as all other champions, he would come out with another “L” on his record if he decides to face Mayweather Jr. Why not fight Pacquiao again and make a ton of money instead?

Unfortunately, Mayweather Jr. has become an unbeatable fighter in many people’s minds, and this idea remains true and gets solidified with every fight he wins. Beating Floyd would elevate any fighter’s career to an otherwise unreachable height, and that’s the bait.

Bradley has already stated that he wants to face Mayweather Jr., and being that Floyd is extraordinarily smart in selecting his opponent, I believe that Tim will get his long sought-out fight.

What do you think? Should Bradley seek a Mayweather Jr. fight, or see how the Rios/Pacquiao fight turns out?



Hamilton’s Hundred Best Fighters P4P in the World Today

Hamilton’s Hundred

Pound for Pound Fighters in the World Today

This listing was created in an attempt to unearth a few things – where is the talent pool richest in the sport of boxing today; how weak is it in the (by historical precedent) struggling reaches; how top heavy is the pay-scale in professional boxing & which nations dominate the sport & to what degree? The rankings also seek to by exclusion identify those fighters whose hype outweighs their ability/talent/achievement in the professional ring.

Notable exclusions:

Shane Mosley

Deontay Wilder

Dereck Chisora

Sam Soliman

George Groves

Ishe Smith

Odlanier Solis

Danny Green

Tony Bellew

Tyson Fury

David Haye

Kell Brook

In order to extrapolate more from these rankings I’ve assigned a simple points system to isolate the top nations & divisions within the sport on a, pardon the pun, weighted basis – 100 points for Ranking #1; all the way down to 1 point for Ranking #100. This is done to attempt to calibrate the relative strength of the weight divisions within boxing.

As of 13 October 2013

Rank Fighter Record Nation Division Change
1 Floyd Mayweather Jr 45(26)-0-0 USA Jr. Middleweight 0
2 Andre Ward 26(14)-0-0 USA Super middleweight 0
3 Guillermo Rigondeaux 12(8)-0-0 Cuba Jr. Featherweight 1
4 Danny Garcia 27(16)-0-0 USA Jr. Welterweight 1
5 Timothy Bradley 31(12)-0-0 USA Welterweight 20
6 Saul Alvarez 42(30)-1-1 Mexico Jr. Middleweight 0
7 Gennady Golovkin 27(24)-0-0 Kazakhstan Middleweight 0
8 Juan Manuel Marquez 55(40)-7-1 Mexico Welterweight -5
9 Carl Froch 31(22)-2-0 England Super middleweight -1
10 Mikey Garcia 32(27)-0-0 USA Jr. Lightweight -1
11 Sergio Martinez 51(28)-2(1)-2 Argentina Middleweight -1
12 Adrien Broner 27(22)-0-0 USA Welterweight -1
13 Bernard Hopkins 53(32)-6-2 USA Light Heavyweight -1
14 Manny Pacquiao 54(38)-5(3)-2 Philippines Welterweight -1
15 Lucas Martin Matthysse 34(32)-3-0 Argentina Jr. Welterweight -1
16 Nonito Donaire 31(20)-2-0 Philippines Jr. Featherweight 2
17 Adonis Stevenson 21(18)-1(1)-0 Canada Light Heavyweight 3
18 Sergey Kovalev 22(20)-0-1 Russia Light Heavyweight -3
19 Robert Guerrero 31(18)-2-1 USA Welterweight -3
20 Austin Trout 26(14)-1-0 USA Jr. Middleweight -4
21 Wladimir Klitschko 61(51)-3(3)-0 Ukraine Heavyweight -2
22 Erislandy Lara 18(12)-1-2 Cuba Jr. Middleweight -1
23 Peter Quillin 29(21)-0-0 USA middleweight -1
24 Mike Alvarado 34(23)-1(1)-0 USA Jr. Welterweight -1
25 Ruslan Provodnikov 22(15)-2-0 Russia Welterweight -1
26 Yuriorkis Gamboa 23(16)-0-0 Cuba Lightweight 0
27 Devon Alexander 25(14)-1-0 USA Welterweight 0
28 Vitali Klitschko 45(41)-2 Ukraine Heavyweight 0
29 Vanes Martirosyan 33(21)-0-1 Armenia Jr. Middleweight 0
30 Miguel Vazquez 33(13)-3-0 Mexico Lightweight 0
31 Miguel Cotto 37(30)-4(2)-0 Puerto Rico Jr. Middleweight 8
32 Paul Malignaggi 32(7)-5(2)-0 USA Welterweight 0
33 Lucian Bute 31(24)-1(1)-0 Romania Light Heavyweight 0
34 Leo Santa Cruz 25(15)-0-1 Mexico Jr. Featherweight 0
35 Brandon Rios 31(23)-1-1 USA Jr. Welterweight 0
36 Darren Barker 26(16)-1(1)-0 England middleweight 0
37 Chris John 48(22)-0-3 Indonesia Featherweight 0
38 Tomasz Adamek 49(29)-2(1)-0 Poland Heavyweight 0
39 Marcos Rene Maidana 34(31)-3-0 Argentina Welterweight 1
40 Martin Murray 25(11)-1-1 England middleweight 1
41 Raymundo Beltran 28(17)-6(2)-1 Mexico Lightweight 1
42 Luis Carlos Abregu 35(28)-1-0 Argentina Welterweight 1
43 Mikkel Kessler 46(35)-3-0 Denmark Super Middleweight 1
44 Jhonny Gonzalez 55(47)-8(3)-0 Mexico Featherweight 1
45 Abner Mares 26(14)-1(1)-1 Mexico Featherweight 1
46 James Kirkland 31 (27)-1 USA Jr. Middleweight 1
47 Zab Judah 42(29)-8(3)-0 USA Jr. Welterweight 1
48 Anselmo Moreno 34 (12)-2-1 Panama Bantamweight 1
49 Shinsuke Yamanaka 19(14)-0-2 Japan Bantamweight 1
50 Takashi Uchiyama 20(17)-0-1 Japan Jr. Lightweight 1
51 Amir Khan 28(19)-3(2)-0 England Jr. Welterweight 1
52 Humberto Soto 57 (34)-8-2 Mexico Jr. Welterweight 1
53 Carlos Molina 22(6)-5-2 Mexico Jr. Middleweight 1
54 Edwin Rodriguez 24(16)-0-0 Dominican Republic Super Middleweight 1
55 Antonio DeMarco 29 (22)-3-1 Mexico Lightweight 1
56 Marco Huck 36(25)-2(1)-1 Germany Cruiserweight 1
57 Julio Cesar Chavez Jr 46(32)-1-1-1 Mexico Middleweight -26
58 Ricky Burns 36(11)-2-1 Scotland Lightweight 0
59 Daniel Geale 29(15)-2-0 Australia middleweight 0
60 Keith Thurman 21(19)-0-0 USA Jr. Middleweight 0
61 Jean Pascal 27(16)-2-1 Canada Light Heavyweight 0
62 Kubrat Pulev 18(9)-0-0 Bulgaria Heavyweight 0
63 Robert Stieglitz 45(26)-3(2)-0 Germany Super Middleweight 0
64 Krzysztof Wlodarczyk 48(34)-2-1 Poland Cruiserweight 0
65 Roman Gonzalez 35(29)-0 Nicaragua Junior Flyweight 0
66 Chad Dawson 31(17)-3(2)-0 USA Light Heavyweight 0
67 Richar Abril 18(8)-3-1 Cuba Lightweight 0
68 Felix Sturm 38(17)-3(1)-2 Germany middleweight 0
69 Nathan Cleverly 26(12)-1(1)-0 Wales Light Heavyweight 0
70 Alfredo Angulo 22(18)-3 Mexico Jr. Middleweight 0
71 Orlando Salido 40(28)-12(5)-2 Mexico Featherweight 9
72 Fernando Montiel 48(37)-4-2 Mexico Jr. Featherweight 0
73 Lamont Peterson 31(16)-2(1)-1 USA Jr. Welterweight 0
74 Juan Francisco Estrada 25(18)-2-0 Mexico Flyweight 0
75 Jessie Vargas 22(9)-0-0 USA Welterweight 1
76 Randall Bailey 43(37)-8(3)-0 USA Welterweight 1
77 Tony Thompson 38(26)-4(2)-0 USA Heavyweight 1
78 Omar Andres Narvaez 40(21)-1-2 Argentina Jr. Bantamweight 1
79 Victor Ortiz 29(22)-4-2 USA Welterweight -8
80 Jesus Soto Karass 28(18)-8(2)-3 Mexico Welterweight 1
81 Guillermo Jones 39(31)-3(1)-2 Panama Cruiserweight 1
82 Dmitry Pirog 20(15)-0-0 Russia Middleweight 1
83 Zaurbek Baysangurov 28(20)-1(1)-0 Russia Jr. Middleweight 1
84 Viktor Postol 23(10)-0-0 Ukraine Jr. Welterweight 1
85 Edgar Sosa 49(29)-7 Mexico Flyweight 1
86 Kazuto Ioka 13(9)-0 Japan Junior Flyweight 1
87 Leonard Bundu 29(10)-0-2 Italy Welterweight 1
88 Khabib Allakhverdiev 19(9)-0-0 Russia Jr. Welterweight 1
89 Yoan Pablo Hernández 26(13)-1 Cuba Cruiserweight 1
90 Tavoris Cloud 24(19)-2-0 USA Light Heavyweight -15
91 Alexander Povetkin 26(18)-1 Russia Heavyweight 0
92 Daniel Ponce De Leon 44(35)-5 Mexico Featherweight 0
93 Robert Helenius 19(11)-0-0 Finland Heavyweight 0
94 Andre Berto 28(22)-3 USA Welterweight 0
95 Brian Viloria 32(19)-4-0-2 USA Flyweight 0
96 Juan Manuel López 33(30)-3 Puerto Rico Featherweight 0
97 Andrzej Fonfara 23(13)-2 Poland Light Heavyweight 0
98 Gary Russell, Jr. 23(13)-0 USA Featherweight 0
99 Román Martínez 27(16)-1-2 Puerto Rico Jr. Lightweight 0
100 Shawn Porter 22(14)-0-1 USA Welterweight          0
Division Fighters in Top 100 Points per Division Percentage weighted representation in the Top 100
Heavyweight 7 298 5.9%
Cruiserweight 4 111 2.2%
Light Heavyweight 9 461 9.1%
Super middleweight 5 333 6.6%
Middleweight 9 552 10.9%
Jr. Middleweight 11 683 13.5%
Welterweight 17 896 17.7%
Jr. Welterweight 10 533 10.6%
Lightweight 6 327 6.5%
Jr. Lightweight 3 144 2.9%
Featherweight 7 213 4.2%
Jr. Featherweight 4 276 5.5%
Bantamweight 2 103 2.0%
Jr. Bantamweight 1 22 0.4%
Flyweight 3 48 1.0%
Junior Flyweight 2 50 1.0%
Strawweight 0 0 0.0%
Nation Representatives in Hamilton’s Hundred
USA 28
Mexico 18
Russia 6
Cuba 5
Argentina 5
England 4
Ukraine 3
Poland 3
Japan 3
Germany 3
Puerto Rico 3
Philippines 2
Canada 2
Panama 2
Kazakhstan 1
Denmark 1
Armenia 1
Romania 1
Indonesia 1
Dominican Republic 1
Scotland 1
Australia 1
Bulgaria 1
Nicaragua 1
Wales 1
Italy 1
Finland 1

Matt Hamilton, in London, for ESNewsReporting.com!

Mayweather vs Canelo: StatAttack

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather by the Numbers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

1977-02-24 (age 36)

Reach 72″   /   183cm

Height 5′ 8″   /   173cm

Rounds boxed 327

Two-time Ring Fighter of the Year (winning the award in 1998 and 2007); he also won the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) Fighter of the Year award in 2007 and the Best Fighter ESPY Award in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Rated #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world by Ring, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, BoxRec, Fox Sports, and Yahoo! Sports.

Mayweather had an amateur record of 84–6. Won national Golden Gloves championships in 1993 (at 106 lb), 1994 (at 114 lb) and 1996 (at 125 lb).

Notable Wins by the Numbers

Diego Corrales landed 60 of 205 punches. Mayweather landed 220 of 414 punches.

Mayweather out-lands Gatti 168–41.

Mayweather lands 188 punches, compared with 82 for Zab Judah.

Mayweather lands 199 of 458 punches, while Baldomir landed 79 of 670.

Mayweather out-lands De La Hoya 207–122 in total punches.

Marquez landed 70 of 583 punches, while Mayweather landed 289 of 490 total punches.

Round four (vs.) Mosley throwing 7 power shots landing zero, making Mayweather the second fighter (after Roy Jones, Jr.) to go an full round without getting hit with a power punch.

Mayweather landed 179 out of 687, compared with 105 out of 506 for Miguel Cotto.


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