Rob Van Dam:Overeem Beats Junior Dos Santos, Brock Lesnar Is the strongest guy I’ve met

In this video  Rob Van Dam says Alistar Overeem beats Junior dos santos and also says Brock lesnar is the strongest guy he’s met.

Gina Carano Looking Hot In Haywire Premier

Gina Carano walks down the red carpet with other celebrities in the Haywire premier

Sasha Grey’s Thoughts on Gina Carano

In this video  actress Sasha gtalks about Gina Carano Check it out!

Gina Carano From MMA Star to Movie Star

MMA star Gina Carano is starring in a new movie called “Haywire” it’s about a  black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission.

Here is Gina on the red carpet at the Haywire premiere in Hollywood.