Bradley vs. Mayweather Jr.: Should Bradley Postpone This Thought

Proving yourself as a boxing champion can sometimes take a lot longer and turn out to be more intricate than one would expect. For Timothy Bradley (31-0-0), it has been a long and torturous road, with harsh criticism from the boxing fans and media around every corner. His victory against Manny Pacquiao earned him nothing but aggressive and offensive negative response from the public, leaving him with low confidence and a ravaged mental state.

Nevertheless, he pushed on. The Provodnikov fight showed Timothy as not only a boxer, but a fighter with a huge heart and determination. The fans wanted to see him fight, and that’s exactly what Bradley did against the dangerous Russian.

And now, after showing a phenomenal boxing ability against a technical virtuoso Juan Manuel Marquez, and claiming a hard fought victory, Bradley has finally earned a nod from the boxing media and fans. So what is the next step for Bradley? Who should he focus on next?

The options seem to be plentiful: Rios if he beats Pacquaio, Pacquiao rematch if he beats Rios, Juan Manuel Marquez rematch, and of course last and most dangerous, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Of course boxing involves heavy politics, thus some of the fights would be much harder to make than others. For Bradley, choosing the next opponent should be a very well thought out process, with future in mind.

Bradley has been talking about facing Mayweather Jr. for a long time, but is this a smart fight to chase? Financially, no doubt. But is Bradley ready to take an unnecessary loss?

Don’t get me wrong, Timothy is a tremendous champion, and as all other champions, he would come out with another “L” on his record if he decides to face Mayweather Jr. Why not fight Pacquiao again and make a ton of money instead?

Unfortunately, Mayweather Jr. has become an unbeatable fighter in many people’s minds, and this idea remains true and gets solidified with every fight he wins. Beating Floyd would elevate any fighter’s career to an otherwise unreachable height, and that’s the bait.

Bradley has already stated that he wants to face Mayweather Jr., and being that Floyd is extraordinarily smart in selecting his opponent, I believe that Tim will get his long sought-out fight.

What do you think? Should Bradley seek a Mayweather Jr. fight, or see how the Rios/Pacquiao fight turns out?

Marquez’s Loss and Pacquiao’s Victory Would Yield Pacquiao vs. Marquez V

For Juan Manuel Marquez, boxing has not only been his blessing, but at times turned out to be a curse as well.

Marquez is a technical marvel when it comes to boxing, and he has rightfully earned not only his titles and fame, but an entire army of Dinamita fans. He has always been loyal to boxing, but strongly believes that boxing has not returned the favor.

In his fights against Pacquiao, Marquez along with a colossal amount of boxing fans disagreed with a couple of his losses, claiming an unfair and wrongful decision by the judges. Believing that history repeats itself, this has occurred once again according to Marquez and his team.

Losing to Timothy Bradley this past Saturday was not the result that Marquez expected to hear after the finishing bell of the twelfth round. Nonetheless, Bradley was given the victory in their very close fight.

Many articles have reported Marquez as looking defeated, walking away from the arena a retired man at heart. Should Marquez feel differently? Was this a fair decision by the judges? Does it even matter?

Marquez, if he wishes so, can still fight a few more huge fights, Manny Pacquiao being the obvious number one choice. The bad blood between the two is only as strong as their positions in boxing, and at this point, both champions need a confidence boosting victory.

In other words, I believe that Juan’s loss and Pacquiao’s possible future victory will force them to face one another yet again.


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Will Bradley vs. Marquez be a chess match or a Slug-fest?

Both tend to fight in a technical fashion early on in the fight, but the only difference is that Bradley abandons his reserved style as the rounds go on, throwing more sloppy punched while leaving himself less protected.

I think that the chess match will take place for the first quarter, maybe even half of the fight, and will swiftly transition to brawling for Bradley, while Marquez will keep his intelligent approach throughout the fight.

In the early rounds I expect Bradley to do much better than most think against Marquez, but if he is unable to do lasting damage to Dinamita in the very early rounds, I’m afraid Bradley will hand the fight to Marquez, and will be tagged with powerful counter shots anytime he throws anything of substance.

Bradley’s age will most certainly play a very crucial role come fight night, but his age might not be enough to challenge Marquez’s ring IQ and experience. Marquez always fights the same way, but he does it so incredibly well, that his challengers have trouble breaking through or avoiding his attacks. In their upcoming bout, I am really curious to see what game plan team Bradley will brew against Juan  Manuel Marquez, and how effective he will be in the early rounds.

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Bob Arum Suggests If Financials Make Sense, Pacquiao Will Fight In U.S. Again

“It’s all a matter of running the numbers: if he makes a certain amount in the United States, he has to pay 40% in taxes. If he makes a certain amount of money in Macau, it’s a very small percentage. So you run the numbers, if you fought in the United States and the numbers are such that you’ve taken to account the taxes and still make economic sense, he would fight in the United States,” stated Top Rank’s Bob Arum about Pacquiao’s potential future fights in the USA.

I would assume that Pacquiao will make a ton of money anywhere and everywhere he decides to fight, and I most certainly believe that he will not make in Macau less than half of what he makes in Las Vegas or  the Cowboys Stadium.

Thus, there is very little change that Manny will want to fight in America, unless of course the right opponent comes around, the kind that will yield groundbreaking numbers, or in other words, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There are some fights where Pacquiao wouls have the upper hand as far as the location and the date of the fight goes, but there are also some fights out there where Manny would not be the one dictating the terms. And those are the only fights that could bring Manny back to the United States for a fight.

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Is Adrien Broner vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Feasible?

Recently there have been not only rumors but actual boxing videos where Adrien Broner claims that he would like to fight Juan Manuel Marquez sometime soon. Many boxing fans even declare that Broner would have an easy night with Marquez, some suggesting a possible knockout.

First of all let me say that I am not even sure how authentic those rumors actually are, and whether Broner himself is honest about wanting to face Marquez.

Juan Manuel is slated to face Bradley, which is now happening in October rather than September due to Mayweather’s announcement that he will be facing Saul Alvarez in September at the MGM Grand.

There is always a landslide of opinions when it comes to fighters and their capabilities, but I think that most would agree on this one: Juan Manuel Marquez should be easily favored over absolutely any and all opponents excluding Mayweather Jr.

When it comes to Adrien Broner, a young hungry champion, who is putting on tremendous performances and creating a very promising future for himself as well as his fans, facing Marquez at this point in time would be a career suicide.

Marquez is simply too experienced and has too high of a ring I.Q. for Broner to hope a victory against. This may read like trash talking, but it is the farthest thing from that. While I would expect Marquez to not simply come out a winner but decisively dominate Broner in every single round, I still believe that Broner is a fighter who is here to stay.

Adrien’s competition has been good, but not yet great. After knocking out Pacquiao, Marquez is on the biggest hype, the climax of his entire career, and he is more dangerous than he ever was, and Bradley will get to experience that first hand in October.

There are many options for Broner, but looking past Malignaggi is not a very smart thing to do. Paulie is anything but a cake-walk, and despite his inability to throw knockout punches, his quickness makes up for it. Facing Paulie is an ideal choice for Adrien, but jumping from Malignaggi to Marquez would be a terrible decision.

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