Robert Garcia Answers Fans Questions

In this EsNews video we hear from Robert Garcia.


Kelly Pavlik, Victor Pasillas Getting Ready

Robert Garcia had a few fighters fighting on HBO at the Home Depot center in Carson Ca. Donaire, Pavlik and Pasillas enoying nice wins.

Boxing Star Kelly Pavlik Pranks A Fighter Puts A Snake In His Gym Bag

Kelly Pavlik is not on a great fighter (39-2 with 34 KOs) but a person you don’t want to mess with as Pelos Garcia found out.

Robert Garcia Reality Show Episode 62 – An NBA Giant In The Gym

Robert Garcia is one of the best boxing trainers in the world today. He is also the first trainer to have his won reality show. Check out the latest episode.


Kelly Pavlik Back on HBO

Boxing star Kelly Pavlik (39-2 34 KOs) will be back on HBO July 7th as he takes on Will Rosinsky (16-1 9 KOs).


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