Katsidis: Peterson Beats Khan

Michael Katsidis tells EsNewsReporting that Lmont Peterson beats Amir Khan in rematch May 19 . Katsidis will be back in the irng April 13th vs Albert Mensa on ESPN.

Michael Katsidis Camp Update

Michael Katsidis is haveing a great training camp at the Fortune Gym In Los Anegles.

Katsidis: Don’t Underestimate Robert Guerrero

Boxing star Michael Katsidis talks to EsNewsReporting about Juan Manuel Marquez, Robert Guerrero and more.

Katsidis: Floyd Mayweather Is Like Ali

Boxing star Michael Katsidis tells EsNewsReporting that Floyd Mayweather is like Ali. We caught up with Katsidis at The Fortune Gym In Los Angeles as he is prepairing for his April 13th ESPN fight

Guerrero Wants Mayweather, Maidana, Marquez or Judah Next

Las Vegas Boxing star Robert Guerrero improved to 29-1,  18 KOs as he won the unanimous decision over Michael Katsidis. The was an exciting one packed with non-stop action. After the fight here’s what Guerrero had to say:

Robert Guerrero, WBA & WBO Interim Lightweight Champion:

“I’m a warrior. Sometimes you have to beat the guy at his own game.  I got in there and I worked my jabs and punches.

“I’m ready for anyone. I want a shot at Marquez, the winner of the main event [Maidana], Zab Judah at 140 or Mayweather. Bring them all, I’ll take the best.

“I wasn’t shocked at all by the point deductions.  The referee gave strict instructions before the fight. He said he wasn’t going to mess around, so it wasn’t a surprise. He did a great job.

“He [Katsidis] got in more than two low blows, but you just have to keep going.  He [Katsidis] is the toughest guy I’ve ever fought.”



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