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Klitschko: What happens to the fabled heavyweight division after the K2 era?

There are approximately 1,100 professional heavyweight boxers in the world today. 273 of these fighters have won 10 or more fights. A mere 58 of these current heavyweights with 10 or more wins is under the age of 30. Only 15 have 20 wins & are yet to see their 30th birthdays. Only 3 have won 30 or more. Of these three only Deontay Wilder is undefeated.

Muhammad Ali was 34-1 by the time he turned 30 – despite a 3.5 year banishment from professional prize fighting due to his refusal to enlist during the Vietnam War. Joe Frazier was 30-1 on his 30th birthday. Larry Holmes was 32-0. Mike Tyson – derailed by 3 years in prison – was 44-1. Frank Bruno – 32-3. Joe Bugner – 53-8-1.

The 15 current under 30 year old heavyweights with 20 or more wins are as follows:

Denis Boytsov 33-1

Ondrej Pala 33-4

Deontay Wilder 31-0

Andrzej Wawrzyk 29-1

Francesco Pianeta 29-1-1

Travis Kauffman 28-1

Manuel Charr 25-1

Arnold Gjergjaj 24-0

Andrey Fedosov 24-3

Vaitele Soi 22-0

Tyson Fury 22-0

Gilberto Matheus Domingos 22-2

Jason Bergman 22-10-2

Andy Ruiz Jr 21-0

Mike Perez 20-0-1

The 15 current under 30 year old heavyweights with 20 or more wins have beaten opponents with the following amount of wins themselves:

Denis Boytsov 457

Francesco Pianeta 430

Deontay Wilder 426

Andrzej Wawrzyk 413

Manuel Charr 385

Tyson Fury 385

Mike Perez 319

Travis Kauffman 300

Ondrej Pala 255

Jason Bergman 210

Arnold Gjergjaj 209

Andrey Fedosov 218

Andy Ruiz Jr 153

Gilberto Matheus Domingos 114

Vaitele Soi 95

By way of comparison, the following former heavyweights had beaten men with cumulative win totals as follows by their 30th birthday:

Joe Louis 2,127

Floyd Patterson 1,316

Muhammad Ali 1,149

Rocky Marciano 1,072

Jack Dempsey 983

Wladimir Klitschko 958

George Foreman 859

Zora Folley 853

Mike Tyson 805

Jim Braddock 761

Jack Johnson 702

Riddick Bowe 677

Joe Frazier 669

Sonny Liston 664

Herbie Hide 563

Lennox Lewis 557

Hasim Rahman 527

Larry Holmes 467

Lower than the highest current heavyweight 

John Ruiz 443

Andrew Golota 411

Trevor Berbick 353

Nikolay Valuev 234

Buster Mathis Jr. 232

Lou Savarese 129

Of currently active heavyweights who are already 30 or older

Dereck Chisora 344

Seth Mitchell 300

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton

Frank Warren Threatens To Sue Mike Tyson Over “Undisputed Truth” Statements

In an effort to take the huge load of shame and self-hate off his shoulders, and finally come clean about his career and life as the most feared fighter of his time, Mike Tyson may have set himself up for more drama and court appearances.

Mike Tyson’s new book titled The Undisputed Truth, talks about Iron Mike’s drug addiction before, after, and during some of his boxing fights. Apparently Mike used a fake penis filled with someone else’s urine to pass the drug tests.

This information has Frank Warren looking to make some money off the former world boxing sensation, suggesting a possible lawsuit:

“I haven’t seen the book yet, but once I get a copy of it, our solicitors are looking at that, and other things in the book. We will wait and see, but it is obviously very concerning, and if it is the case we’ll be putting that to our lawyers,” stated Warren according to a recent ESPN piece.

It is true that Tyson could have opened a very large can of worms, affecting other people, and possibly setting himself up for a very turbulent future. Still, most have begun getting used to, and enjoying the new calmer, nicer, and certainly very entertaining Mike Tyson.

It would be a shame if this book forces actions that could once again drive Iron Mike to partake in life threatening addictions.

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Mike Tyson Says He Would Beat Both Klitschko Brothers

Fantasy boxing match-ups are extremely popular on boxing forums, as they bring interesting conversations and debates to the boxing fans. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali vs. Wladimir Klitschko, or Manny Pacquiao vs. Roberto Duran, the boxing fanatics always have good time trying to prove each other wrong.

How would Mike Tyson do against the Klitschko brothers, is a question that has been asked too many times. Some boxing fans agree that with Tyson’s ferocious power and stunning upper body movement, he would have no trouble getting on the inside and landing  lethal body shots. Others disagree, stating that Wladimir’s long jab would be more than enough to keep Tyson at bay.

When recently asked about this fantasy fight, Mike Tyson stated that he would most definitely beat either brother: “I’m not being offensive; I’m not being egotistical. Clean fighting, no drugs, food and water – the basics and I think I could beat almost anybody. I think I’d put my life on it that I could. I would beat anybody in my prime on water, vegetables and vitamins.”

Aside from the late part of Tyson’s career, he was an amazing fighter, an anomaly in boxing. Betting against the prime Tyson under Cus. D’Amato would be a mistake that no one sober would ever make.

Having said that, I don’t think that the prime Tyson was ever tested against a fighter like Wladimir or Vitali. Sure he fought Lennox Lewis, but this was when Mike Tyson was nothing but a name, a shadow of a legend of the past. How would Mike deal with Wladimir’s jab? Would Mike be able to absorb Wlad’s power? Would either of the brothers have enough footwork to avoid Tyson’s quick attacks?

No one will ever know, but people will talk about this fight and still root for their champion.


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Who is Mike Tyson’s Favorite Rapper?

Mike Tyson’s Favorite Rapper

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton

Hamilton’s “Say What?” of Boxing

WTF Were You Thinking Quotes from Boxing’s Recent & Not So Recent Past

Marquez is ruined,” said Murad Muhammad, Pacquiao’s promoter. ”Yes, we want a rematch, but the other guy won’t want to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao again.” after Pacquiao-Marquez I in 2004.

Won’t You Come Home Dear Cassius?” Ernie Terrell.  The taunts had an undesired effect though. The fight between Ali and Terrell resulted in a uniquely brutal display from Ali. Ali shouted, “What’s my name?” between crushing blows to Terrell’s increasingly worn face.

No Mas.” Roberto Duran. The Hands of Stone’s most notorious outing was covered in Sports Illustrated back in 1980 as such, “If Duran arrived in New Orleans with a reputation as unassailable as Simón Bolívar’s—he had a career record of 72-1, after all, including his victory over Leonard last June 20 in Montreal—he left with it somewhere in the neighborhood of Papa Doc’s. It was bizarre to witness so swift and devastating a collapse of a man’s name. And what a name it was. Here was a man whose whole professional life had been built upon the precepts of Latin American machismo.

The New York Times noted, “Durán’s stature in his home country, Panama, took a dramatic dive after the fight. The immediate reaction was shock, followed by anger. Within hours, commercials featuring Durán (in both Panama and the United States) were ordered off the air.

Superman don’t need no seat belt.Muhammad Ali. And yes, neither did he need a…

I’ll fuck you until you love me, faggotMike Tyson shows himself to be both homophobic & ….?

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting!

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton Ree-porting from London!

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