Mike Tyson Serves Burgers And Fries to Seniors

Mike Tyson never ceases to impress. This time Mike made an appearance at the Jersey City senior center, cooking up a storm, making burgers and fries as well as entertaining the seniors.

“I was in New York last night and Mario said he was going to be cooking burgers and fries, and since he is a friend, I came to help him spread the love,” Tyson said.

It is amazing to see what Mike Tyson has become. The transition from his past to recent life is nothing short of memorizing.

“I did not know ‘Iron Mike’ would be so good with an iron frying pan,” jokes one of the lucky seniors.

This must have been a real treat for the older folks, and it is great to see that Mike can take some time out of his life to do things like that.


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Twenty Fights That Defined Tyson

Tyson’s Twenty Most Career Defining Fights

20 1986-05-03 215 James Tillis 207¾ 31-8-0 Civic Center, Glens Falls, New York, USA W UD 10 10
19 1989-07-21 219¼ Carl Williams 218 22-2-0 Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA W TKO 1 12
18 1996-09-07 219 Bruce Seldon 229 33-3-0 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W TKO 1 12
17 1996-03-16 220 Frank Bruno 247 40-4-0 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W TKO 3 12
16 1991-06-28 216 Donovan Ruddock 238 25-2-1 Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W UD 12 12
15 1987-08-01 221 Tony Tucker 221 34-0-0 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W UD 12 12
14 1987-10-16 216 Tyrell Biggs 228¾ 15-0-0 Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA W TKO 7 15
13 1987-03-07 219 James Smith 233 19-5-0 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W UD 12 12
12 1986-07-26 217 Marvis Frazier 210½ 16-1-0 Civic Center, Glens Falls, New York, USA W TKO 1 10
11 1989-02-25 218 Frank Bruno 228 32-2-0 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W TKO 5 12
10 1987-05-30 218¾ Pinklon Thomas 217¾ 29-1-1 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA W TKO 6 12


Hamilton’s Believe It Or Not of Boxing

Hamilton’s Believe It Or Not

When Floyd Patterson lost the title to Sonny Liston in 1962, he left Comiskey Park in Chicago wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and a fake beard for his drive back to New York City.

Most first round KO’s of any heavyweight champion during career: Jack Dempsey at 25.

Mike Tyson is credited as having the Most Flash Knockouts in his Career, knocking out 9 fighters in less than one minute.

Marvis Frazier 0:30,

Robert Colay 0:37,

Lou Savarese 0:38,

Mike Johnson 0:39,

Ricardo Spain 0:39,

Clifford Etienne 0:49,

Mark Young 0:50,

Trent Singleton 0:52,

Sterling Benjamin 0:54

Australian Max Gornick vs Africa’s own Charlie Smith. The bout was scheduled for 15 rounds. By 12.00 PM, the fight had gone 14 rounds. If the fight had of continued it would have broken the Sunday Observance Act. It was decided to call the fight a draw.

Only fighter to campaign over 5 decades
A 16-year old Roberto Duran turned professional way back in 1968 & then competed through five decades; fighting his last professional bout aged 50 in 2001. Duran’s retirement actually came as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident – so who knows how long he might have carried on fighting! (more…)

“Shocking, Mike Tyson Now a Female” Was A False Rumor. DUH

Apparently there was a recent rumor published at SpyGhana.com saying that Mike Tyson had recently undergone a sex change surgery, and the funny thing is that there were actually people who bought it.

An article dubbed “Shocking, Mike Tyson Now a Female” was published on the website, but it was quickly removed when the online newspaper realized that it had been written by 247 Naija Gossip, and has already apologized for their mistake. Click HERE for the explanation.

Time is of essence, thus Mike Tyson had made a statement regarding this absurd issue:

“I am still a man and I have always been fully in touch with my masculinity and have no intention of becoming a woman. The claims are not only untrue but unbelievably stupid. I was at the Pacquiao-Marquez fight on Saturday and any reasonable person could tell I was looking like a man,” stated Tyson.

The original false report had Tyson saying the following:

“Some people might think it strange that I’m now a woman. But even at the height of my career, when pound for pound I was regarded as the best fighter in the world, I never lost touch with my feminine side and knew that one day I would grow breasts and have a vagina.”

This is of course not only ridiculous but is hilarious as well. Can you imagine the look on Tyson’s face when he had heard or read this rumor?

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A Little Holiday Spirit With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Mike Tyson

There have been dozens of various singers and legendary performers singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town when the holiday season hits, but in this very old Xmas Special, the cast is somewhat unusual.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Mike Tyson are all together in a mini-special on TV singing the song and dancing with kids.

X-Mas Special Video

Yes, you heard me right, Tyson, Schwarzenegger, and DeVito are all brought together in this rare video. I think it’s safe to assume that this was the old Mike Tyson, the one that most kids would have been terrified of back in the day.


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