Maybe Mayweather’s Menace Masks Mounting Mortality

Maybe Mayweather’s Menace Masks Mounting Mortality

Mayweather vs Ortiz

Too experienced or finally just too old and jaded?

There was a moment during the HBO Face-Off between Floyd Mayweather & Victor Ortiz with Max Kellerman that I was struck by the marked change in Mayweather’s tone, his aura even, disparate from anything I’d previously witnessed of the uber confident pound for pound perennial boxing virtuoso. Hard as I attempt to I struggle to articulate meaningful the epiphany dawning on me as I sat there viewing Mayweather give Ortiz the entirely expected verbal schooling – he was different, more, more… Senior?

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Is Floyd Mayweather on the downside of a legendary career? Is Ortiz the fighter destined to expose his diminished capacity inside the squared circle?