Guillermo Rigondaux Offers Donaire a Rematch in Miami

Guillermo Rigondeaux

I’m the 122lb king @filipinoflash if u want it come get it #Miami March 2014@HBOboxing @trboxing @CaribeBoxing @LOUISFONSECA #CubanBoxing

The above Tweet was posted on November 9, right after Nonito Donaire finally found his counter punch and was able to successfully stop Vic Darchinyan. At the point of stoppage, Donaire was losing the fight, and was losing it in a very clear cut fashion.

Maybe Donaire aged at an incredible pace, or maybe his heart is no longer intertwined with the sport of boxing. It is also entirely possible, that Nonito was never the fighter that the media as well as the boxing fan base had proclaimed him to be. While it might be premature to guess how Donaire will look in his next fight, based on his last two, the young champion is already in decline for whatever reasons, external or self inflicted.

Rigondeaux offering Donaire a rematch in March of 2014 is a bit comical right now, at least from the standpoint of boxing fans hoping for more competitive matches. Looking the way Doanire did against his second fight with Darchinyan, Guillermo will simply retire The Filipino Flash without much effort while earning a very healthy paycheck.

Will Donaire take this opportunity to face his former victor in Miami? Yes, he probably will, signing himself up for a loss that most boxing fans can already see coming.

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Nonito Donaire Picks His Countryman Pacquiao Over Rios

“Of course [I’m with] with Pacquiao… for me boksingero ako, I’m a fighter. I look at it in a different light. Kung tatanungin mo ako, I would say that Pacquiao still has the edge kase he has the speed,” stated Nonito Donaire in a recent interview.

Aside from the fact that Pacquiao is Donaire’s countryman, I think that most people out there would agree with Donaire that Pacquiao is very likely to come out a dominating winner in his fight against Rios.

Does Pacquiao have the edge and the speed over Rios as Donaire suggests? Definitely.

The main edge that Manny has is ring experience. Time in the ring against top notch competition cannot be traded or bought; one has to be good enough and lucky enough to land those fights.

Of course there is also the physical aspect of their competitiveness. Rios is younger and hungry for the win. Pacquiao is a seasoned champion with a variety of competitors that he had disposed of. Manny is probably faster is undoubtedly stronger than Rios, but at some point in time, all that goes away as people get older.

Notice, I did not say old, but instead used the term ‘older’. Like a puzzle being taken apart, physical attributes diminish slowly. So will Pacquiao enter the ring against Rios as an ‘older’ fighter, or will he be the same Manny Pacquiao that shocked the world by dominating most of his competition?


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Vic Darchinyan to Nonito Donaire: “I created you, and I will break you.”

“No matter what excuses you make about your weight, I am still planning on beating you. Do not use steroids, think about your future and your weight will be fine. I remind you that I created you, and I will break you. It has been six years since I started to ask for a rematch,” stated Vic Darchinyan in a recent interview after learning that Nonito Donaire might not want to face him in a rematch.

What made Nonito Donaire were his physical abilities and boxing skills, which in turn was too much for Darchinyan to handle. Of course Darchinyan believes that his loss to Donaire was a fluke, but so do many other fighters who suffer such a loss.

In a rematch with Donaire, if it were to take place, the result of the bout would be no different form the first one, with Doanire dominating the fight until Darchinyan is once again on the canvas struggling to continue.

Maybe it is a good thing for Darchinyan that the fight might not happen, at least this way he can potentially continue his career with more victories.


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Vic Darchinyan Excited About Possibility of Donaire Fight

With the rumor of Nonito Donaire giving Vic Darchinyan a rematch, things are starting to heat up as the stock of the potential of this fight is on the rise.

“Losing my first fight to Nonito was a shock to everyone including me. It’s a loss I badly want to avenge. I know he’s planning a return I’m here, ready and willing. I want to finally get my revenge,” said Darchinyan in a recent interview.

What can I say; it was as much of a shock to me as it was to Darchinyan on the night when Donaire dominated Vic. From that moment on I knew that Donaire was not a fluke, not a one time wonder, but instead a future champion here to stay.

Now that Doanire has fallen to another future champion Rigondeaux, the chance at revenge is closer than ever for Vic, but achieving that feat is unlikely if you ask me.

While Donaire has greatly improved over the years, Darchinyan stayed the same, or possibly even declined. The paycheck will be a healthy one for both, but I think it would be wise for team Darchinyan to come up with a game-plan that involves surviving for as long as possible. If they aim to challenge Donaire in the middle of the ring and fight toe-to-toe, Darchinyan will once again hit the canvas, only this time much sooner than the last.


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Team Donaire Considering Fighting Vic Darchinyan, Again

Nonito Donaire


The rumor mill has it that Nontio Donaire and Vic Darchinyan will meet once again sometime towards the end of 2013. Ever since his fifth round knockout loss to Donaire in July of 2007, Darchinyan has been seeking revenge. Of course for Donaire, after the spectacular performance on that night in 2007, the road ahead was paved with international exposure and money galore. Vic Darchinyan was of no more interest, as Donaire aimed to keep plowing through the rest competition, trying to line up bigger championship fights.

It was a good run, but it all came to an end when Guillermo Rigoneaux outboxed and outclassed Donaire in April of this year. Whether it was an underestimation on Donaire’s side, or overwhelming ability of Rigo, the Filipino Flash looked faded, and his punches no longer fast as lightning.

At this point in time, Donaire needs a crowd pleasing victory over an opponent with a name and a story. Darchinyan had voiced his willingness and preference to face Doanire on too many occasions, and at times has been verbally aggressive in calling him out. Donaire didn’t listen nor care for that fight, but now, it seems that it is one of his best options available.

In a recent interview, Donaire stated that while there are few fighters on their list, they are currently talking about Darchnyan. I assume that we should hear of more updates in the coming week, and I hope that if a rematch against Rigo is not an option (and I hope that it isn’t), that team Donaire and team Darchinyan come to an agreement and sign the contract. It would be a tremendous fight, with fireworks before and during the fight.


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