Trainer Answers Your @seckbach Twitter Questions

Trainer Brandon Krause answers questions sent in the EsNewsReporting twitter page @seckbach —

Sugar Ray Robinson’s Best Fight

Sugar Ray Robinson (173-19-6-2 with 108 KOs) is considered to be the greatest fighter ever by many people.  We stopped by the Outlaws Boxing Club in Tarzana, California, to talk about the legend.

Fighter: I Hate Larry Merchant – Trainer Hates Max Kellerman

Some people don’t like Larry Merchant of HBO boxing, while others don’t like Max Kellerman. Check out this video shot at the Outlaws Boxing Club in Tarzana, Ca.

Boxing Techniques: How to Break Away From a Hold

What do you do if during a boxing match you find yourself tangled up with your opponent. Check out this EsNewsReporting video from the Outlaws Boxing Club in Tarzana, California.