Hatton vs. Senchenko on Showtime or Guerrero vs. Berto on HBO: Which One Are You Watching?

This coming Saturday we are in for two interesting fights, one via HBO and the other will be shown on Showtime.
Showtime: Ricky Hatton vs. Vyacheslav Senchenko.
There has been a lot of talk regarding this fight, and it does have its degree of significance due to the potential future that it can deliver. Ricky Hatton, by far the most loved fighter in Britain in recent history, and as many boxing fans say “the pride of the British people,” is coming back to try and make his way back tot he top. Hatton is a tremendous fighter with an aggressive exciting style, as well as a fun personality in and out of he ring. He is good for boxing, and could have done a lot more if only he had avoided Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Two of his biggest losses came in a very aggressive fashion, and being knocked out in such a way can certainly do extensive damage to one’s self esteem and physiological state of mind. While some are afraid that Hatton’s time-off will show itself come fight-night and possibly force him to go into retirement for good, others believe that his current healthy mental state will allow Hatton to be in top shape and perform the way he used to back in the day before his losses. I think that if this is what put’s Ricky’s mind at peace, than this is exactly what he should do. It is never healthy to live with a ‘what if’ in the back of your head, thus feeling and obliging to your mind is crucial to overall contention. If Ricky is able to decisively beat Senchenko, I would imagine Malignaggi would be next. And if he can get past Paulie, well then who known how far he can go.
HBO: Robert Guerrero vs. Andre Berto.
Talk about time off, here we have another fighter that had to leave the sport of boxing for a long time, and then successively came back to beat Selcuk Aydin: Robert Guerrero  This is an intriguing fight because Guerrero wants to prove that he is a true force in the welterweight division in hopes of possibly securing a fight against the top champions, while Berto needs to steer his name away form all the PED use conversations and get back into fighting for championship belts, and the only way either man can achieve this is by winning the fight in an explosive hard-to-believe fashion; a brutal knockout would do just fine. Guerrero has always been a good guy, and his heart is unquestioned in the ring. He has always put on good performances, but is his body ready to go to war? Berto has spent some time on top as well, but the loss of his perfect record could have done harm to his confidence. At the same time that loss could have added some fuel to the flame, as he knows what it’s like to be on top, and probably wants to get back there as soon as possible.
Both are great fights in their own way, and both have significance in the port of boxing and it’s future. The question is: which fight will you be watching?


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Manny Pacquiao Calls Ricky Hatton’s Comeback a Mistake

In the recent past I have written a few articles about Ricky Hatton’s comeback to boxing, and what others thought of it. Many boxers approve, saying that if boxing is in your blood, there is very little you can do to ignore it. Others say that there have been many fighters who came back after retirement and had a successful continuation of their career.

Manny Pacquiao on the other hand, does not believe that coming back is a very good idea for Ricky Hatton:

“I do not think it is a good idea to come back once a fighter has retired. It’s not something I plan on doing. I know how hard it is to get back into good boxing shape after being out of the training camp for only three or four months. I cannot imagine what it is like after a number of years. It’s not just the conditioning, it’s the reflexes, legs, mental conditioning, and so much more. But this is Ricky’s decision to make and I respect him for it,” stated Pacquiao when talking to The Express.

On one hand it is true that time takes its toll and the longer you wait the harder it is for a body to get back into its optimal physical/athletic state. Pacquiao’s opinion is that of a fighter who has never lost in a similar fashion to that of Hatton’s, thus he never had to leave the sport in such a rock-bottom way.

Pacquiao is definitely right that a long lay off is never a good idea, but is that always a reason to ignore what your mind wants and your body promises to accommodate  I believe that Hatton had to come back to put his mind at ease, and win or lose he will never have think think and wonder about what would have happened if he came back. A healthy mind is by far the most vital thing any person needs in their lives, and it is crucial to oblige to it anytime it calls for one’s action.


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How Does Ricky Hatton vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Sound?

A lot of boxing fans believe that any kind of a loss to Manny Pacquiao would end Juan Manuel Marquez’s career, mostly because Marquez has mentioned retirement before, and aside from Pacquiao there might not be another big fight out there for Dinamita.

In a way this is true, because there isn’t another fighter out there aside from Mayweather Jr. with such an influential name. Having said that, there could potentially be another fight out there, another former world champion who might be looking for a change to redeem himself and get back into a world championship position.

If Ricky Hatton is able to decisively beat Vyacheslav Senchenko on November 24th, he might be a good opponent for Marquez in any scenario. If Hatton wins via a knockout, and is able to show that he is taking his comeback seriously, he just might get the chance to fight for a title again.

I think that a fight against Marquez would be a good one, and I believe that it would get the thumbs up from most of the boxing fans, including myself. Hatton is a very exciting high output fighter, while Marquez is a bit more reserved and technically inclined, and together they could deliver an event similar to that of Marquez vs. Pacquiao.

Hatton did mention that he would be interested in facing Pacquiao again, but I think that it would be premature for that fight to take place anytime soon. Hatton needs to beat a formidable opponent before making his case to fight Pacman. Marquez would be that very opponent that would boost Hatton’s career to new heights, although truthfully I am not sure just how likely it would be for Hatton to get past the masterful Marquez.

Your thoughts?


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Ricky Hatton Praises Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While we all know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a virtuoso when it comes to punching speed/accuracy as well as defensive skills, not all of his former competitors like to admit that.

Ricky Hatton on the other hand has given Floyd the compliment, saying:

“Floyd was hard to hit. I couldn’t of hit him with a handful of confetti.”

Most fighters have the very same challenge, but most attribute their difficulties to something else, something less related to the lack of their own abilities or skills. Hatton is a volume puncher, and when he was faced with Floyd’s ring IQ and natural physical attributes, he realized that his game-plan was no longer viable. That is exactly why a lot of boxing fans think that Pacquiao would run into the same roadblock; volume-punching opponent is Floyd’s specialty, his icing on the cake.

With so much negative media attention on Floyd, it is unusual but at the very same time refreshing to hear someone giving praise to him for what he actually is and what he is capable of doing.

Ricky Hatton Wants To Fight Malignaggi At The MSG

“I thought Paulie’s fight with Cano was very close, but I thought he won the fight and 114-113 was probably about right. If I get the performance I’m expecting against Senchenko on November 24th at the Manchester Arena, then I’d love the chance to fight Paulie again either at Madison Square Garden or the new arena in Brooklyn. The New York boxing fans and the ‘Hitman Barmy Army’ from the UK would make the Big Apple bounce,” stated Ricky Hatton in his latest interview.

I imagine that a rematch between Ricky and Paulie would be a huge hit at the MSG, and would undoubtedly fill the arena in no-time. Ever since 2008 boxing fans have been talking about that fight and how another bout would be good to see. Well now that Hatton is making what seems to be a very determined comeback, their rematch could come to fruition sooner rather than later.

All this is assuming that Hatton will come out victorious in his next fight, which by the way, is unlikely to be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, the chances are in favor of Hatton getting the job done, and if he is able to get past Malignaggi, his road back to the top could be a lot shorter than most, including himself had expected.

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