Golovkin Wants To Fight Martinez, Even In His Living Room

In a recent chat with his fans on HBO, when asked who Gennady Golovkin would like to fight at some point in time in the near future, his response was:

“Sergio Martinez, because he’s though of as being the best middleweight by many people. I’ll fight him anytime and anywhere. Even in his living room.”

I think that if he keep winning the way he has been, a fight against Martinez is very likely to happen. For Martinez, who is also running out of formidable opposition with a more-or-less solid name, fighting Golovkin might actually be the most optimal option.

Also, I think that the fight would sell better than most people think it would. It would most likely be a very competitive fight with both fighters throwing bombs throughout the rounds. If not Martinez, who knows, maybe a fight between Golovkin and Chavez Jr. would make more sense?


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Does Gennady Golovkin Deserve A Shot At Martinez?

Gennady Golovkin, where does he belong in the boxing pyramid?

Should he be given the opportunity against Martinez? Has he deserved as much attention as he is currently getting from the media? Is he showing any signs of a future champion?

When I take into consideration that fighting out of another country and making any kind of a name in United States is already a respectable achievement, Golovkin, with a record of (25-0-0) and an 88% KO rate, automatically deserves the respect to at least be considered as an opponent against any active champion.

Of course some people will always attack the record and the names that his victories contain. Look, there has got to be a start in order for there to be an opening to show one’s skills and drive. I believe that Golovkin is as ready as he ever will be to face Martinez or anyone else. If not Martinez, give him Chavez. Jr.; but let him fight a somewhat seasoned local fighter so that Gennady can show us what he is capable of.


More @ http://cgboxing.blogspot.com/



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