Shane Mosley vs. Paulie Malignaggi Is Being Negotiated For April

Remember the recent rumors about Shane Mosley possibly coming back to boxing? I believe it was Shane’s friend or someone close to team Mosley who started this speculation by quoting that Mosley thought that there were too many very unimpressive performances out there, and that he would do better.

Well ladies and gentlemen; the distant rumor is now no longer far fetched:

“From theBarclaysCenteron Showtime, it will be Paulie Malignaggi and it’s going to be a triple-header. And it might be, if we can get it done, what is being discussed is the return of Sugar Shane Mosley,” said Richard Schaefer.

Really? Are we back to Sugar Shane trying to convince himself that he could still be a force in the division? Don’t get me wrong, I would rarely count someone like Mosley out in a fight, and I am also a very big fan of his as a champion and a person, but this might be overkill.

His legacy, despite his recent losses is still very strong and solid, but if he keeps coming back and losing, it might crumble. Nobody can take away all the victories and sensations fights that Mosley has blesses us with, but piling on loss after loss will not do any good.

Having said that, I am intrigue by the match up: Paulie vs. Shane could very well be a competitive war. Shane, I believe, still have the power and the experience to take Paulie out. I am torn on this topic, and cannot figure out whether I would like to see him back for this fight, or stay away from the ring.

What do you guys think?

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Shane Mosley Eyeing Paulie Malignaggi For A Comeback Fight

According to, there is a slight chance that Shane Mosley might be considering coming back to boxing.

“Shane knows he still has enough in the tank to beat a champion like Paulie, so that’s who he’s gunning for,” stated a close source.

I don’t know about you, but have you ever heard of something and acknowledged that is was a bad idea, yet it was not impossible and in a way even curiosity-arousing?

For me, this is that feeling. I know that Mosley is not only over-the-hill, but mentally might be too fragile to properly prepare for a fight. Physically he might be better than most believe he is, but does he have the proper drive to push his body to its limits? I doubt it.

Malignaggi might not be the best and most impressive fighter, but risking a loss against him is a pretty bad idea for Mosley. If it’s a matter or earning anther paycheck, then I am also a bit lost, as I haven’t heard anything negative about Shane’s financial situation. So why is Mosley persuading himself to come back?

Is it the crowd effect? Maybe Shane is not content with the closing of his career? Or is he simply trying to cash yet another check?

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