Mayweather Keeps the 0: By Any Legal Means

Floyd Mayweather Suckerpunch

Floyd Mayweather Junior remains undefeated, moving to 42-0 with his first win by way of knock out since his 10th Round stoppage of Ricky Hatton way back in 2007. He is also once more a world champion – taking the WBC Welterweight strap off of Victor Ortiz who failed at his first attempt at defending the title he won so deservedly against Andre Berto. Having had a day or so to digest everything that transpired on HBO’s Star Power: Ortiz vs Mayweather main event I’m in a position to offer some considered observations.

The sport of boxing is almost by definition an endeavor characterized by the need for survival and the premium of conquest at any (legal) cost. Put simply, boxing is distilled poignantly by the phrase: Kill or get killed. Hit & don’t get hit. Despite whatever the individual may make of Floyd Mayweather the man, the manner of victory – if legal – to me anyway, is always justified. Palatable? Perhaps not, in this case certainly not – but a win is a win, as abhorrent & unsporting the means the ends justify those means.

Victor Ortiz played the telling part in the drama that unfolded at the MGM Grand late in the 4th Round and his sudden demise that saw the somewhat anti-climactic conclusion to what had been a turbocharged promotional success to that juncture. If you want to blame someone – blame 24 year old Victor for his blatant naivety and inexperience in inextricably offering what amounted to a free shot from Money Mayweather. After the head butt that preceded it, Floyd was hardly in need of an invitation to extract explosive & terminal retribution.

Speaking with former IBF Junior Middleweight World Champion Paul Vaden early Monday who was of the opinion that (Saturday)”was a bad day for boxing all around” I’m inclined to agree – at least in the short term. By that I mean the first of the last two of the seemingly infinite amount of hurdles to Mayweather vs Pacquiao has, awkwardly & bizarrely, now been negotiated. I do, though unequivocally echo the sentiments of those who feel the boxing community was short changed by what Star Power eventually was able to deliver on.

Where to from here? For Mayweather all roads lead to a showdown with the Fighting Pride of the Philippines though one doubts that we will be spared a veritable litany of supplemental public theater as we edge closer toward what has been a seemingly perennial must make fight for several years now.

One hopes the sport will be spared any such Mayweather instigated controversy should the big one ever go down.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNews – Reporting!

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Victor Ortiz’s Sister at the Star Power Weigh In

Victor Ortiz’s Sister at weigh-in for her brother’s date with destiny

Mayweather vs Ortiz: Waiting for a Star to Fall

Mayweather vs Ortiz

Key Factor -> Combatant (Matt’s Score Out of 10)

Hand Speed, Balance & Footwork  -> Mayweather 9.25 Ortiz 7.75

Punching Power -> Mayweather 7.5 Ortiz 8.5

Chin, Durability & Physical Resiliency-> Mayweather 7.5 Ortiz 5.75

Marcos Maidana Victor Ortiz

The shadow of Marcos Maidana’s destruction of a capitulated Victor Ortiz looms large as an image of the WBC welterweight champion within the collective consciousness of the sport as he prepares to do battle with Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Experience & Pedigree of Opponents Faced -> Mayweather 8 Ortiz 5.5

Physical Stamina & Energy Level Management -> Mayweather 9 Ortiz 4.75

Tenacity & Mental Stamina -> Mayweather 8.25 Ortiz 6.5

Versatility & Balance of Offensive with Defensive Outputs -> Mayweather 9 Ortiz 7.25

Fundamentals of Technique -> Mayweather 9.5 Ortiz 8.25

Current Form & Career Trajectory-> Mayweather 6.5 Ortiz 8.75

Training Camp & Stability in the Corner -> Mayweather 4.5 Ortiz 8

Mayweather Ortiz Canelo Alvarez

Boxing’s Past, Present & Future?


Mayweather 79/100

Ortiz 71/100


Mayweather vs Ortiz Betting

Ladbrokes of London are quoting Mayweather at 1/8 (-800) for the win outright with Ortiz on at 9/2 (+450). You can get 1/2 (-200) on the fight going to the judges scorecards; or 6/4 (+150) on it not. Mayweather on Points is offered at 4/7 (-175) with Ortiz getting the judges decision way out at 14/1 (+1400). The bookmakers seem to concur with the consensus view that Victor Ortiz’s best hope of pulling off the upset will be by way of (one suspects a big left would be the weapon to do it) – an Ortiz win by KO/TKO or DQ is on the table at 7/1 (+700).

Matt Hamilton’s prediction:

Floyd Mayweather weathers an early onslaught (somewhat easily) in Rounds One through Three to progressively & systematically dismantle a tiring & mentally spent Victor Ortiz & wins by TKO in the second minute of the 8th round.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNews GLOBAL, Reporting!







What Floyd Mayweather Has To Say About The Fight

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz were in Los Angeles to promote their September 17th fight.  Mayweather vs Ortiz will air on HBO PPV and will be live from Las Vegas. In this video watch what Mayweather had to say while he was on stage.

Erik Morales to Fight Pablo Cesar Cano on Mayweather vs Ortiz Card

Mexico City’s Pablo Cesar “El Demoledor” Cano, the WBC’s leading available contender and a young and hungry Mexican phenom has agreed to step in and face Erik Morales on next Saturday’s “STAR POWER” mega-event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas which will be televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View®. Cano got his chance after Morales’ original opponent, Lucas Matthysse, withdrew from the bout earlier in the week due to a viral infection.


Morales hopes to beat Cano and make history

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t refuse it,” said the 21-year-old Cano who will face Morales for the WBC Super Lightweight World Championship. “I have grown up watching Erik Morales. I know both his strengths and weaknesses. While it’s an honor to fight him, I have the style to beat him and win my first world championship, which is the dream of every fighter.”


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