Did 50 Cent Call Victor Ortiz or Mayweather Jr. A Woman on Twitter?

First it’s Miss Jackon taking sexy pictures with Victor Ortiz in an advertisement photo shoot, and now Floyd’s former best friend 50 Cent is making what can only be interpreted as targeted offensive statements.

“stp talking abt floyd. Before Men fought w/ each other 2 win a Woman ! Now Men fight w /Women 2 win,” posted 50 on his Twitter wall.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but is 50 referring to Mayweather Jr. as a woman? Or is he trying to say that Floyd will now have to compete with Victor Ortiz (the woman) for Miss Jackson due to the recently released pictures?

Whatever it is, Floyd is becoming the butt of many jokes, and despite the fact that he will certainly get to hear about them and read them sooner or later, it might bring out the business demon in him. Messing around with Mayweather Jr. is all fun and games until he starts playing his own game.

Floyd is not dangerous because of the people he may know or the intentions that he may develop, but he is dangerous because all that is combined with an astonishing amount of money that he is willing to spend. I am curious to hear what he has to say about Miss Jackson, Victor Ortiz, and about 50 Cent, and how he will go about doing damage control.

Sexy Photo Shoot With Miss Jackson And Victor Ortiz: Was Floyd The Target?

Of all the women out there, it is Miss Jackson who ended up in an advertisement photo shoot with Victor Ortiz. Call me pessimistic, but someone out there was exercising revenge on Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Let’s try to rationalize here: someone out there is shooting an ad, and they decide that it is Victor Ortiz who fits their star profile for this particular event. Of course there have to be women involved. Of the available models, one turned out to be Miss Jackson. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Was this photo-shoot organized by Ortiz? Or maybe they are promoting a product that Ortiz is now selling?

Any way you look at it, there is no other approach to this but to believe that Mayweather Jr. was the target.

This is great and all, but they have misjudged Floyd’s character: it is very unlikely that he will give this much thought. One thing Floyd knows better than anyone else in the business, is how to absorb the negative media attention, and he does it so well, that badmouthing him has become boring and a waste of time for most media outlets. The only thing this could cause, it more criticism on Ortiz and his new co-star Miss Jackson.

Robert Guerrero vs. Andre Berto Is On, And Will Be A Good Fight

As most of you have already heard, Robert Guerrero and Andre Berto will face each other on November 27, at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. Some of you have anticipated that this fight would come next for both fighters, while others argued that this would not be a good fight to make.

I was one of the people calling for this fight to be made, and am happy that now it is finally happening. The reason I believe it to be a good fight because both fighters are coming from a lay off, and both have something they want and need to prove ASAP.

A win would be a big deal for either boxer, and would certainly open up numerous intriguing opportunities for both.

Guerrero is back from his long time off, and after his win over Selcuk Aydin, he instantly began asking for bigger fights. While claiming that he is ready for Floyd Mayweather Jr. is simply premature and naive, a decisive and explosive victory over Berto would skyrocket his stock, and after that who knows, maybe he could contend to get in the ring against one of the top 5.

Same goes for Berto. His loss to Ortiz as well as his recent PEDs drama, a cold cut victory would serve him well. He needs to show that can not only win, but can do it in the same fashion he used to do it before Ortiz. It is never easy to get past all the criticism, but the best more direct way is to come back with a bang.

The benefit of a victory is clear for both fighters, thus I think that we will be in a for a pretty good fight.

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