Mike Tyson Says He Would Beat Both Klitschko Brothers

Fantasy boxing match-ups are extremely popular on boxing forums, as they bring interesting conversations and debates to the boxing fans. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali vs. Wladimir Klitschko, or Manny Pacquiao vs. Roberto Duran, the boxing fanatics always have good time trying to prove each other wrong.

How would Mike Tyson do against the Klitschko brothers, is a question that has been asked too many times. Some boxing fans agree that with Tyson’s ferocious power and stunning upper body movement, he would have no trouble getting on the inside and landing  lethal body shots. Others disagree, stating that Wladimir’s long jab would be more than enough to keep Tyson at bay.

When recently asked about this fantasy fight, Mike Tyson stated that he would most definitely beat either brother: “I’m not being offensive; I’m not being egotistical. Clean fighting, no drugs, food and water – the basics and I think I could beat almost anybody. I think I’d put my life on it that I could. I would beat anybody in my prime on water, vegetables and vitamins.”

Aside from the late part of Tyson’s career, he was an amazing fighter, an anomaly in boxing. Betting against the prime Tyson under Cus. D’Amato would be a mistake that no one sober would ever make.

Having said that, I don’t think that the prime Tyson was ever tested against a fighter like Wladimir or Vitali. Sure he fought Lennox Lewis, but this was when Mike Tyson was nothing but a name, a shadow of a legend of the past. How would Mike deal with Wladimir’s jab? Would Mike be able to absorb Wlad’s power? Would either of the brothers have enough footwork to avoid Tyson’s quick attacks?

No one will ever know, but people will talk about this fight and still root for their champion.


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Vitali’s Retirement Nearing, 2014 Might Be His Last Year

According to recent news, Tom Loeffler has suggested that Vitali Klitscho may fight his last fight in 2014, ending his career thereafter.

According to Loeffler, the fight will take place sometime next year, against an opponent yet to be signed, even though chances are it will be his mandatory challenger Bermane Stiverne.

While there have been numerous reports in past few years suggesting that Vitali was thinking about calling it quits, this time I believe it to be true.

Not only is he getting older and more prone to injuries, his political career is moving forward, with Vitali hoping to run for president of Ukraine.

Maybe it’s the distraction of politics, or maybe his physical condition, I think that he himself is finally ready to let boxing go.

It is quite a treat to see a fighter start at the bottom, and go as far as the Klitschko brothers have gone. It is also sad to see them retire, even if happy with more to look forward to in life.

Vitali Klitschko is not only a boxer, but together with his brother they are nothing short of a sensation. Vitali will be 43 next year, and just the fact that he has been as dominating as he was in they heavyweight division, should land him in a historic slot in boxing.

Having said all that, Vitali did recently mention that he would like to fight David Haye before hanging up with gloves for good. “’Let’s see. Why not? But at the moment, I don’t want to talk about major plans,” replied Vitali when asked about the possibility of him facing David Haye.


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Vitali Klitschko States He Feels Good, And Will Make A Statement Soon

With Bermane Stiverne’s recent victory over Chris Arreola, Vitali Klitschko’s next move has been coming up a lot on various boxing forums. Some people are suggesting that Vitali will face Stiverne as his farewell fight, while others suggest that he might want to stick around boxing for a little while longer

Ever since Vitali hinted the possibility of his impending retirement, boxing fans have assumed that he is ready to leave the sport right then.

“In the next few weeks I will officially address any issues. Many of my fans are awaiting my decision. Just a little while ago, after some things that I may have said, people made an elephant out of a fly. I first have to decide whether I will resume my career, and if so, I will decide when and where. Time is passing by, but until recently I had no one to defend my title against. I am in a great physical shape and am feeling great. Every morning at 7am I arrive at the gym and spend one hour exercising. By 9am I am already at the office. And this I do 6 days a week. I can say one thing: Boxing will forever be in my heart and until now nobody can beat me,” stated Vitali.

Vitali has a very mysterious character, and rarely stated anything solid until the very last minute. Truth be told, I don’t see him retiring anytime soon, as not only is he making a ton  of money, but is doing so with ease. His opponents don’t seem to be giving him the run for his money, and in Stiverne’s case, everything will be the same, with Vitali dominating the fight suing his size and experience.


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Vitali Klitschko Confirms Fight Against Bermain Stiverne

It is official; Vitali Klitschko has confirmed that his fight against Bermain Stiverne will indeed happen.

“There is an official challenger – Bermain Stiverne. The fight will take place. Now it’s necessary to determine the date,” stated Vitali in a recent interview.

This makes Arreola’s loss of the opportunity to face Vitali official, and Stiverne’s biggest fight in his career just around the corner.

I doubt that Vitali will leave boxing win or lose against Stiverne, as I believe he will want to say goodbye to his sport with a bang.

Nonetheless, Vitali never takes his opposition lightly, and I assume he will be ready for Stiverne, especially after his surprisingly impressive performance against Chris Arreola.

I assume the fight will take place somewhere towards the fall, and I would not be surprised if the fight takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Vitali has been talking about returning to L.A. for a fight for a long time now, and this would be a good time to do it.

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Is Stiverne vs. Vitali Klitschko Next? Will He Be Vitali’s Retirement Fight?

Chris Arreola lost his chance to fight Vitali Klitschko, and he lost it to Bermane Stiverne this past Saturday night.

To be honest, I expected Arreola to win, and win big. But instead, I saw a well paced and reserved Stiverne, fighting smart and calm. I never knew Bermane to be the fighter that showed up against Arreola, and as a matter of fact, I see him being a bigger threat to Vitali than Chris would have been.

The question is, will Vitali fight Stiverne sometime soon? Apparently being a mandatory means very little in boxing as far as time is concerned, with mandatory fights being postponed and pushed back all the time. Vitali is not the kind of fighter that tried to avoid a fight, and I believe if ordered, will face Stiverne sometime in September.

As far as the fight is concerned, while I don’t think that Vitali will walk through Stiverne, I do believe he will walk away with a comfortable U.D. victory. Bermane is a bit too slow for Vitali, who constantly gives angles while moving about the ring.

This would be a good fight for Vitali to say farewell to boxing, although if Haye accepts to have a ridiculously small share of the profits, Vitali would probably pick him before retiring from boxing.


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