Team Bradley Prefers To Fight Pacquiao Instead Of Marquez

Now that there is an entirely new mix of possibilities for Pacquiao, Marquez and Bradley, there are numerous rumors circling around about their future fights.

Marquez has mentioned on a couple occasions that he is more interested in facing Timothy Bradley than Manny Pacquaio, as he believes that there is nothing left to prove against Pacquiao.

Manny and Bob Arum on the other hand have been pretty quiet about their top target for Manny’s comeback fight. There have been rumors, but nothing solid from Top Rank or MP Promotions.

Timothy Bradley and his team on the other hand, are more interested in giving Manny Pacquiao a rematch in order to secure content in Bradley’s heart, due to the fact that his previous fight against Manny resulting in an unpopular victory damaged his name rather than elevated his status.

“I prefer Bradley versus Pacquiao over Marquez. I think he could settle a lot of things inside him, he’ll beat Pacquiao good this time,” Bradley’s manager Dunkin had stated in a recent interview.

Truth be told, I think that this fight would be better for both Bradley and Pacquiao, with both man having a lot to prove to the fans against each other. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind watching Marquez face Bradley, but believe that the fight would have a lot less significance and be less profitable than the Pacquiao re-match.

As far as the fight itself goes, there would be little to no difference in the amount of action we would see. Both Pacquiao and Marquez don’t mind mixing it up, and with Bradley being a true warrior, there would be blood. Although since Marquez prefers to fight in a counter-punching fashion, I think that Bradley would be the one bleeding first.

I assume that we will know sometime next week, as Michael Koncz has suggested that there will be a significant update coming sometime next week.


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