Team Bradley Were Offered A Guaranteed $6 Million To Face Pacquiao In October 2013

It appears that Manny Pacquiao is no loner the name that every other fighter wants an opportunity to fight.

As all have heard, Juan Manuel Marquez (who could have potentially fought Pacquiao for the 5th time) is going to be facing Timothy Bradley (who could have also faced Pacquiao for the second time) are going to cross the roped to face each other come September 14th. Both of them have been mentioned on numerous occasions as the possible opponents for Pacquiao.

As a matter of fact, Team Bradley was offered $6,000,000 guaranteed to face Manny Pacquiao in October.

“We have offered Bradley that amount,” stated Koncz in a recent interview.

Being that none of us have heard of any figures being mentioned for the JMM vs. Bradley fight, but I don’t think that it would match or be higher than the $6 million offer.

Is it a smarter and a safer decision for both Marquez and Bradley to fight each other and avoid risking a loss (and it would much riskier for both to fight Pacquiao), or are they actually planning on making more money than they would in a Pacquiao fight?

Of course if Manny wins his next fight in an impressive ‘his-old-self’ style, than the winner of Bradley vs. Marquez would more than likely challenge and fight Pacquiao sometime mid 2014.

On the other hand, let’s not forget Mayweather Jr. Floyd would no doubt love to face Marquez or Bradley as well; an easy fight with a huge payday.

Stylistically, Marquez and Bradley make a for a great action packed fight. Both love to fight rough as well as take time and box smart. Marquez is a counter-punching phenomenon, thus I think that this will be a much more difficult fight for Bradley.

But if Bradley wins, I think that his victory over Marquez would be a lot more significant than was his win against Pacquiao.


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