Team Charr Files A Protest: But Not For The Decision Itself

Without wasting any time, the Charr team has filed a protest to the decision made on the night Manuel lost to Vitali via a 4th round TKO due to a cut. The interesting part is that they are not saying that the decision was necessarily wrong, but instead they are claiming that it was called in an illegal fashion: they looked at Charr’s cut and called an end to the fight in Vitali’s corner.

“Our protest is backed up with an obvious and inarguable violation. The official rules state that in case of an injury of a boxer, the referee must take him to the nearest corner for the medical examination. In this case, the nearest corner was ours,” stated a representative from team Charr in a GorodokBoxing article.

“Since Saturday I can not sleep, because I was robbed of victory! Same as when Vitali could not accept his defeat to Lennox Lewis, I am also unable to find peace. We have to meet again in the ring,” stated the upset Charr.

They are trying to take away Vitali’s victory with a very petty technicality, which in turn makes them look very unprofessional and in a way, cowardly. I understand that Charr wants a rematch, but trying to get it done in this fashion, will not increate the possibility of it actually happening.

Truthfully, I would not hold your breath, as the decision will not be reversed based on their argument. The fighter got cut, was inspected by a ringside doctor, and the fight got stopped because the M.D. was worried about Charr’s well being.

If due to some miracle the commission does act on this and force a rematch, I still don’t think that Charr will come out a winner. Hopefully, for the sake of Vitali Klitschko vs. David Haye, Charr gets past this and the protest gets thrown out.