Team Klitschko Not Accpeting The WBA Order To Fight Povetkin

Even with WBA taking charge and ordering that Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin make their fight happen sometime before February of 2013, Team Klitschko might fight that decision and refuse to oblige.

“WBA had previously guaranteed us that after the David Haye bout, we will have two years before we would have to fight the official contender. That is why we are planning to discuss this situation with WBA, and only then make our decision,” stated Bernd Boente.

Wladimir fought Haye on July 2, 2011, thus, if Boente is correct about the promise that WBA has made to them, they will have until July 2, 2013 until they have to follow any orders from the commission.

Does this mean that Team Klitschko is afraid to face Povetkin? This would be absurd to believe. I think that the main reason that any fight happens or gets avoided is financial, and in this case this must also be true. I am confident that they will fight, but the money as well as the contractual details must fit before anything gets signed or discussed.

There is very little doubt that Wladimir would want the fight to be on his terms; in his choice of arena, his choice of date and time, and of course his financial offer must be accepted by Povetkin.

I will keep an ear out for more updates on this situation, and I believe we will know sooner rather than later what decisions have been made.


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