Team Povetkin Discusses The Klitschko Fight Being Postponed

Chris Meyer of Sauerland Promotions has made a statement regarding the Alexander Povetkin and the mandatory bout against Wladimir Klitschko that was ordered by the WBA.

“We have received an order from the WBA about the requirement to have the Klitschko bout before February 27th, 2013. Boente’s statement that the fight will not happen any earlier than July, must be based on previous requirements from the federation. It is possible that K2 promotions want to get a special permission, giving them the leverage to postpone the next defense. Whether the WBA will approve, is yet to be decided,” stated Meyer as published at GorodokBoxing.

The first thing to understand is that February would simply be too soon for Wladimir, as he is facing Wach in early November. It is clear that team Povetkin wants to get the contract signed as soon as possible, and the fight secured for a certain date. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work that way. Wladimir will likely have the final say in what happens with the Povetkin but and when. Having said that, as long as the fight is made, I doubt Alexander will have any issues in agreeing with anything, as this would be the biggest and most important fight in his career thus far.

I think that July would work just fine, giving both fighters the proper time to rest and prepare for their tough opponent. It would also allow for media to do its work in promoting and hyping up the event.