Team Povetkin Responds to WBA Decision, Threatens Lawsuit
February 1, 2013 Boxing History

The latest news regarding the future of Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin has split them up and driven the fight farther away yet again.

“The WBA maintains that, although it has granted special permission for Klitschko to fight another opponent in the coming months, it has confirmed that the super champion must face the regular champion without substantially delaying the defense,” was recently posted on the WBA official website.

As expected, Povetkin along with his manager Vlad Hrunov were outraged at the decision that WBA had made, and even threatened with a lawsuit:

“Obviously we’re unhappy with it. There are things that seriously dissatisfy us and we will dispute them, including cout,” statedHrunov.


To allow the voluntary fight, the WBA said it must receive a signed contract for Klitschko-Povetkin by February 28, or arrange the fight using purse bids March 18.

I am assuming that since their fight was not set in stone, both Klitschko and Povetkin could potentially fight another opponent before they meet sometime later this year.


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