Terence Crawford vs Alejandro Sanabria Rd by Rd

Terence Crawford 20-0 15 kos vs Alejandro Sanabria 34-1-1 25 KOS rd by rd

Rd 1 Crawford trying to land. fans loving Crawford. fans yelling Mexico. Crawford moves forward sanabria backs up. Rd 1 Crawford.

Rd 2 Crawford lands a combo. then a left. Sanabria lands a right. Crawford lands an uppercut. both are looking for what would work. Sanabria tries a 1-2. fans booing. Rd to Crawford but was not pretty.

Rd 3 Crawford lands a left then a right. Sanabria trying to land and misses. Crawford gets fans to cheer and he lands a big right. Sanabria answers. Rd 3 Crawford.

Rd 4 Crawford jabbing twice. sanaria hitting low and swings Crawford moves out of way. Sanabria lands a right. Crawford with a uppercut. rd to Crawford.

Rd 5 Crawford with two big body shots.so far this is crwawford rd.

rd six 10 seconds into rd Crawford wins by ko.