The Gang Member Threatens Amir and Haroon Khan On Video

Remember how recently Amir Khan and his brother Haroon heroically fought off a gang that was trying to rob them? Well, as unexpected as it may seem, one of the top members of that gang has spoken.

In the video posted on The Sun, the masked gang member threatens Amir and his brother, while waving the car key and the wallet that they took away from the Khan brothers on the night of the attack.

“You are not welcome in Birmingham, you bitch. Every time you come to Birmingham you are going to get f*****g smashed up,” said the masked criminal.

Either this guy is a kid trying to look tough and get some public attention, which is the more likely scenario, or the gang took a hit in their social circle and now has to do some damage control. Either way, this is something that most people did not expect to see.

Amir’s safety could potentially be in jeopardy, but the young boxer doesn’t think much of it:

“Amir is aware of this video and will let his lawyers deal with it. He’s not interested in a slanging match,” stated a source close to Amir.

I doubt that Khan will give it much thought, as there are far more crucial things taking up his thoughts and focus. Things like this happen, and I am hoping that this video will be the end of it, and whoever is on the other end of it, will either get caught or simply get over it.