The Klitschko Brothers Help With The Corrie Sanders Funeral

Boxing fans as well as many people around the world have come to know both Klitschko brothers as humble, polite, and charitable people. For a while now they have been running and promoting various charities that help kids all around the world. Both brothers are classy when it comes to their boxing careers as well as their every day lives.

According to GorodokBoxing, recently the Ukrainian chanmpions have done yet another good deed:

“The representatives of the family of Corrie Sanders thanked the Klitschko brothers for their financial assistance in the funeral of the recently shot and killed ex-champion, as well as a donated lump of money to the family. Also, Vitali and Wladimir were invited as guests of honor to a charity boxing tournament in memory of Corrie Sanders, promoted by Rodney Berman and his partner Jeff Ellis. It is meant to take place at the Emperors Palace’s Centre Court on November 10.”

As I have said a million times, both brothers are the kind of people that rarely come around. There are charitable and good people in all sports, but as a boxing enthusiast, I am impressed with what the Klitschko brothers do to help others. Their efforts are real, and the results have been impressive. Instead of talking about doing something and then trying to attract media attention, they simply do it in privacy without asking for anything back. Bravo!