The Man Who Knocked Out Pacquiao First: “If I can scrape the dirt off him or bleach his feet, only to earn, I would.”

A long time ago, back in 1996, when Rustico Torrecampo was a young Filipino boxer, he scored a 3rd round KO over his opponent by the name of Manny Pacquiao. After his victory, Rustico had suffered an injury in the following fight, and was forced to retire from the sport.

Since then, Pacquiao has become the biggest name in the Philippines, one of the most loved figures in the history of Boxing, and his name is rarely unknown by anyone with a TV set and internet on this planet. His financial fortune is hard to describe, because calling him a millionaire would be a very bad understatement. Married, with kids, Pacquiao has numerous mansions, a helicopter, a jet, a yacht, and of course fame. He is a politician, a businessman, and a world boxing champion.

Torrecampo, the man who handed Pacquiao his first knockout, is living in poverty selling noodle soup to feed his family. Nevertheless, he follows boxing and Pacquiao especially.

Recently, in an interview with the Rustico, he talked about Pacquiao vs. Marquez:

“He was overconfident,” stated Rustico of Pacquiao. Still, the countryman thought Manny was winning.

He is not bitter about his outcome vs. Pacquiao’s in life, and simply wants to make a living to feed his family:

“If I can scrape the dirt off him or bleach his feet, only to earn, I would,” said the former boxer.

Isn’t life the most convoluted and unfair adventure? This man could have been a great champion as well, but instead, after beating the man who is not a world sensation, he is trying his best to sell noodle soup so that his family does not end up starving. This kind of a thing happens a lot to people, and the good thing is that Rustico is not upset or mad about this outconme, and is just happy to have a family and breathe the free air.

Maybe his interview will reach Manny, and the champ could, for old times sake, help out his former foe.


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