The Proposed Golovkin vs. Froch Fight Is a Great Recipe For An Exciting Event

It appears as though Golovkin is now the front page material in the world of boxing, and he most certainly deserves to be there.

According to various reports, Golovkin vs. Froch is a fight that seems feasible, and more importantly likely to actually take place sometime soon, possible by the end of 2013. Don’t get me wrong, I like Froch, and he just like Golovkin, has battled his way to the top and has shown that he is a legitimate world champion. But can he hang with GGG?

The answer to this question is like a double edged sword: yes he can, but he shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean that he should take the fight, it only means that he should re-style his offensive technique and work on fighting off the back foot on the outside. Golovkin is simply too strong to duke it out with, but I do believe that Froch can and would fight the right fight, and although most people would go for Golovkin in a bet, I would actually favor Froch to last the 12 rounds and come out a UD winner.

But where would this fight take place? Las Vegas? Or would Gennady travel to the U.K.? Either way, Golovkin has made his way to the “PPV League” and I think that boxing fans would do whatever they can to avoid missing his fights. Of course with Froch’s tremendous following, this fight would have no trouble selling out in the U.K., but if priced a bit too high, Las Vegas might not be able to plant a body in every single seat.

I am curious to see who gets to cross the ropes against GGG next!

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