The Pros Are Going To The Olympics!


In a unanimous vote on Wednesday, the AIBA has ruled that professional fighters can compete in the Olympics starting with Rio. For young fighters, the Olympics have always been a rite of passage or an amazing achievement for guys who aren’t quite good enough for prime-time, so where does this leave amateur fighters? The AIBA is a long way away from making this work from a competition stand point. There also has to be significant ground covered in regards to incorporating the pros. AIBA President CK Wu said that this was a part of his “master plan”. This is what a master plan looks like when everyone isn’t represented at the decision making table. I don’t think Lomachenko and Russell Jr will be up for a rematch in the Olympics for free. I can’t see any top tier guys anywhere in the world doing this. It really seems like Mr Wu’s “master plan” is to allow his countries C Level professionals to beat up the worlds amateurs to collect accolades, only time will tell.

There are more questions surrounding this change than logic or details.