Thoughts on Khan, Angulo, Donaire & Adamek vs Cunningham Prediction

By: Albert Alvarez

Amir Khan & Alfredo Angulo both victorious under Virgil Hunter- Both Khan and Angulo need to not only take note, but they must hear, understand, and apply the knowledge being told to them by their new master mind trainer, Virgil Hunter. The things that I saw Amir Khan improve on, was his footwork, his stab jab, and the turn on his short punches.

I’m sure that with more time working with Hunter, Khan will be able to improve on other things, but for now, he should avoid stepping in with bigger punchers.

Amir to me is still a vulnerable fighter who must control his reckless speed and transform it into quickness. He must also be much quicker with his decision making on defense.

Tuck the chin in and turn the top shoulder blade on your opponent to take some of the sting off of the incoming punches that are being aimed directly at your chin. Lucky for Khan, that the 17-1 Carlos Molina is not a hard puncher, otherwise, Molina might have had his very own Rocky moment.

Speaking of Rocky moment, 20 year old, Jorge Silva almost had his Rocky moment last night by being a big puch or two away from taking out Alfredo Angulo. I felt that Angulo was able to win the slugfest last night because he seemed to want it just a bit more than Silva did. The 18-3-2 Silva has heavy hands, but he should have gone to Angulo’s mid section a lot more than he did.

Angulo like Khan, seems to be too brave for his own good. He always tends to stay in the pocket longer than he has to, he must rest his chin on his chest and must then always force his opponent back by feeding his opponent jabs and liver shots. Until Angulo can understand that, Angulo in the meantime must be matched very wisely. Khan with the tko victory over Molina, improved to 27-3. And Angulo improved to 22-2.

**Extra Credit**

Shawn Porter and Julio Diaz battled on the undercard, and had themselves a little back and forth clash. The fight was scored a draw, but many felt that Diaz did enough work to be awarded the victory. In my opinion it was a very close fight that could have gone either way.

The young Porter to me, fights a lot like Shane Mosley.

Porter is a very hard working busy fighter that must sell his feints a lot more with his eyes. I like his speed, his pop, and his toughness, but I view Porter as being a few more additions to his arsenal away from being a dangerous fighter.

Nonito Donaire destroys Jorge Arce- The 61-7-2 Arce called it a career after being knocked out in the 3rd round by the 31-1 WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire. Arce had a very good career and was as game as he possibly could be, but at the very end, Donaire had too much quickness, power, and way too much in his arsenal for Arce to deal with.

The banging on the drums is now being heard loud and clear, the boxing world is in complete lust to see Nonito Donaire get it on against Abner Mares.

On Saturday, December 22 2012 at the Sands Casino and Resorts in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Heavyweights, Tomasz Adamek vs. Steve Cunningham 2- If this fight can mirror anything close to what these two produced in their first meeting, Watch out! The first battle was a classic, I could be wrong, but I do not think that this rematch will be as good as the first one was.

Adamek is a very tough fighter that loves to apply pressure, but Cunningham has a very sharp jab that will force his foe to think twice about coming to the table to eat. Adamek was hungrier than Cunningham in their first fight, but in this one, I see Cunningham’s drive being at a higher level. And because of that, I’m picking Steve Cunningham to do just enough to beat Adamek by split decision in a very loud building.