Timothy Bradley Suggests He Fight Mayweather Jr.

Now that Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are pretty much a done deal, Timothy Bradley is left hanging without an opponent. So as expected, Bradley is playing the only card he has left: I beat the guy that everyone thought you would beat, so fight me.

Bradley is wasting no time in calling out Floyd Mayweather Jr., and in a way, this fight could make sense for Floyd as it would likely be an easy win with a big reward.

“My thoughts on the whole selection process was that I didn’t like the whole waiting around and the whole running around thing that Pacquiao did. So, we all know that Manny’s truly afraid to fight me again. So how bout I fight Floyd Mayweather? I guess that Manny’s fighting a guy that really beat him, and Floyd’s already beaten the guy that is getting this next fight with Manny. So the only guys that’s left is Tim Bradley, so Floyd, let’s do it,” suggested Bradley to RingTV.

Yes, let’s actually make this happen. If Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquio end up not fighting anytime soon, or even inking their bout for somewtime late nest year, this provides enough time for a tune up fight for Floyd as well as Manny. I know that calling Mayweather Jr. vs. Bradley a tune-up fight is unfair to Timothy, but in my opinion, it would be nothing more than that for Mayweather Jr.

Bradley is tailor made for Floyd’s thundering speed and accurate counters. Bradley is a good fighter with a huge heart, but he is not technically sound enough to cause too many problems for Floyd in the ring.

Thus far we have not heard anything for Mayweather Jr., but I would imagine we should hear something very soon.