TMT Promotions Is Dead, Fighters Might Be Moved Over To Mayweather Promotions
September 12, 2012 Boxing News

No one ever said that the boxing promotion business was easy, and without someone who knows the intricacies of such industry really well, things get even harder.

For TMT promotions, due to what seems to be an authentic and serious falling out of Mayweather Jr. and his former best friend 50 Cent, things are looking grim.

RingTV has just reported that a TMT fighter Billy Dib is no longer under the TMT label, but has now instead moved under then wing of Mayweather Promotions:

“50 Cent has dropped his contract with IBF featherweight titleholder Billy Dib, who was signed to the new promotional company formed by the hip-hop star (AKA Curtis Jackson) and Floyd Mayweather Jr., TMT Promotions, in July. Sekou Gary, an attorney who has represented Jackson, contacted Dib’s legal representatives to notify the Australian boxer that his TMT Promotions contract has been assigned to Mayweather Promotions and that ‘50 Cent is no longer involved in boxing,’ a source close to the situation told”

No longer involved in boxing? He just barely started, invested a tremendous amount of time and money, and is already ditching the plan?

If this is indeed a fact, than we can surely expect to see the rest of the TMT stable be transferred over to Mayweather Promotions? This means that Floyd is about to gain a very impressive stable of fighters and could soon become a serious rival to Top Rank’s Bob Arum.

All the hope and speculation that TMT was the next best thing since sliced bread in boxing promotion, and that the dream fight of Floyd vs. Manny is now on the horizon, is all down the drain now. Maybe this is all an over-hyped reaction to something that one of them had said, but truthfully, I would not be surprised if this was the end of TMT Promotions.




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