Tommy Hearns Excited To Bring Boxing Back To Detroit, And Back To Kronk

It appears as though Emanuel Steward’s legendary Detroit based Kronk Boxing Gym has not yet been forgotten.

In a recent interview, Thomas Hearns voices his intention to make Detroit fall in love with boxing once again, and to re-open Kronk to fulfill it’s duty of molding world class boxers.

“I made boxing famous here in Detroit, me and Emanuel together. In order to bring boxing back again we need somebody consistently doing fights. If you do, the people will support it if you give them what they want to see. Nobody wants any jive or junk. As long as you give them some great fights, some good talent and make it worth their while to spend money,” stated Hearns.

What’s true is true, and that is the fact that a good fight will always attract a crowd. And as boxing fans know, a lot of great fights are missed by the general sports fan population simply because it is either not televised or not hyped up by the media.

“I am looking for investors who want to help me bring boxing back. It is very doable. We still have great fighters. I have kids I want to work with who pattern themselves after me. I want to give them something to latch onto and give them the hope where they say I have the ability I can make it. I can do this,” continued Hearns.

I wish Tommy all the luck and success in reaching his goal, because leaving the chain with a padlock around Kronk’s doors is a complete disgrace.


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