Tony Bellew Wins Split Decision Over Nathan Cleverly
November 23, 2014 Boxing News

Tony Bellew gained revenge for his 2011 loss to Nathan Cleverly on Saturday evening in his hometown of Liverpool. Cleverly appeared to have entered the cruiser-weight contest with a broken, fractured or in some way compromised right hand as he avoided using it for vast stretches of the bout. The Welshmen would seem destined for the scrapheap on the world level & calls for his retirement will surely grow stronger despite his relatively tender age of just 27. A career which promised much has delivered scant return in the form of wins against Karo MuratTony BellewRobin Krasniqi.

Nathan Cleverly will nominally be remembered as a world titlist, though in truth peaked at around #4 in the world circa 2012-2013 when the likes of Chad DawsonBernard Hopkins & even Tavoris Cloud (none of whom he’s ever faced by the way) were all more legitimate claimants to the title of actual world champion in the singular form sense of the term at light-heavyweight.

The move to the less competitive cruiserweight division papered up cracks that were already & in some ways always there. Interestingly Cleverly turned professional aged just 18 – making his possible retirement at 27 a fairly linear case of wear & tear.

How This Leaves The Top 10 at Cruiserweight

  1. Marco Huck
  2. Yoan Pablo Hernandez
  3. Thabiso Mchunu
  4. Grigory Drozd
  5. Denis Lebedev
  6. Rakhim Chakhkiev
  7. Ovill McKenzie
  8. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk
  9. Ola Afolabi
  10. Tony Bellew


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